Pan.Thy.Monium (1990-1996): a Death Metal band from Finspång, Östergötland, Sweden.


an.Thy.Monium would be one of many side projects of Dan Swanö, and boasted mostly people associated with him from the past, including Robert Karlsson (a.k.a. Derelict; ex-Edge Of Sanity; vocals), Dag Swanö (a.k.a. Aag; ex-Nightingale; guitar/sax), Robban Ivarsson (a.k.a. Mourning; guitar), Dan Swanö himself (a.k.a. Day Disyraah; ex-Nightingale/ex-Dan Swanö/ex-Edge Of Sanity/ex-Godsend/ex-Bloodbath; bass/keyboards) and Benny Larsson (a.k.a. Winter; ex-Edge Of Sanity/ex-Godsend/ex-Ophthalamia; drums).

Presenting a unique take on death metal, Pan-Thy-Monium with incomprehensible vocals, growly even by death metal standards, offered a larger deal of diversity, most specifically with the sax breaks and constantly changing riffs. The band debuted with Dawn Of Dreams (1992; although they had two previous attempts with the ...Dawn demo tape in 1990 and Dream II 7" EP 1992 and followed it up with Khaoohs (1993) and Khaoohs & Kon-Fus-Ion (1996). A critic once stated that this band seemed to have a predetermined start and end and that it might have been planned all along, for despite talk of a reunification the band split a disappeared almost on queue there-after.

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Dashboard for Pan.Thy.Monium

Nation Sweden
City Finspång, Östergötland
Genre Death Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 1990-1996
Last Modified 2022-06-21
Diskery ID 1085

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Edge Of Sanity Godsend Nightingale

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