Aborym (1995-present): a Black Metal band from Lazio, Italy.


fter their 5,000 unit selling debut, Kali Yuga Bizarre Aboryum (1999), this Italian 4 piece returned with the equally strong follow-up Fire Walk With Us in 2001 an album boasting a cover of the famed Det Som Engang Var originally done by Mayhem. Their sound featured a strong black metal influence, a rarity from their home in Italy. With No Human Intervention would complete the current set in 2003.

Featuring vocalist Ailla Csihar (ex-Mayhem as featured on Mayhem's classic De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas album, not to mention his work with cult act Tormentor), along with Yorga (vocals), Malfeitor Fabban (bass/synthesizer/drum machines), Sethlans (guitar/programming) and Nysrok (guitar/programming), the band was originally founded in the early 1990s but founder Fabban quickly disbanded it after a only one demo only to return (sans Yorga, as guest Csihar had now become a full time member) in their return to blending of old-school black metal with industrial and electronic effects on their latest effort. Generator (2006), Psychogrotesque (2010), Dirty (2013) and Shifting.Negative (2017) followed, the latter featuring almost an entire new membership with everyone but Fabban departing to be replaced with Danilo Valentini, Davide Tiso, Rg Narchost and Stefano Angiulli.

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Interesting to note, however, is the number '666' is not part of the band's official name, even-though it has been part of their logo since their 2003 full-length.

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Dashboard for Aborym

Nation Italy
Location Lazio
Genre Black Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 1995-
Last Modified 2023-10-29
Promotional Address Via Mattei 48, 20097
S.Donato (MI).
Diskery ID 98

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