Sorg (1995-1999): a Black Metal band from Stockholm, Sweden.


he originas of Sorg starts in 1995 by founding members Victor Hemgren (guitar/vocals) and Rickard Dahlin (guitar). At the time both were living in the small town called Sigtuna just outside of Stockholm where they met drummer Petter Rosqvist who soon joined the band. To fill the bass position the newly formed Sorg tried out friends (Lars Göran and Alexi) for the part but none of them joined as permanent members. Soon after, however, they found a permanent member in Olle Bodin who lived near Sigtuna.

The band's name 'Sorg' means "grief" and also "sorrow" in Swedish which could be said to fit in to the music of the early Sorg days. The music that Sorg started out playing was a mixture of black metal and death metal, plus some eighties influence under a dark and brutal atmosphere. In 1996 Sorg recorded their first demo, Mina Drömmars Dal, a recording that was well accepted in the Swedish underground.

In 1997 Sorg recorded their 2nd demo titled Devastated Light. The band then began to spread the demo around worldwide and played more gigs, including the Face Front Festival in Piteå (North of Stockholm). T-shirts were printed up and distributed too. The 2nd demo had a lot of variations including slow riffs, fast brutal riffs, eighties metal screams, and the so called 'mighty horde roars.'

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In March 1998, Sorg had their final gig with the original line up. The drummer, Rosqvist, was leaving to Hollywood, USA. to attend music school. He would be gone for two or more years. At about the same time, the bassist Olle Bodin also left to focus on his doom metal band Out Of Hand. In the summer of 1998, Micke Nyholm (of Ad Infinitum) joined Sorg and began practicing on new material. He joined to help out as a drummer until a permanent drummer was found but ended off sticking around to play drums on Sorg's 3rd demo, Demo III, recorded in August 1998. Lacking a bassist, Hemgren played the bass on the 3rd demo. The new material of Sorg had evolved into a more death metal/thrash metal style and was now taking on an even more brutal style.

After the 3rd demo, the Sorg project was put on hold for a long time. Hemgren had now also gone to the US to attend the same music school that the ex-drummer was at. Hemgren only stayed there for three months though and returned in December 1998. There were still problems with the line-up, however, and Sorg couldn't play any gigs. Micke Nyholm, the drummer at the moment also mentioned that he could not dedicate enough time to Sorg because of his other commitments in bands including Ad Infinitum, so he was forced to quit. In the meantime Sorg received some minor record dealsbut turned them down. Some larger labels had shown interest too, but asked for more material, material that, due to the lack of membership, could not be delivered.

By 1999 it seemed that Sorg had finally completed its new line-up with two ex-members from Soils Of Fate (Nicke Karlsson on drums and Henke 'Trevor' Kolbjer on bass) joining. After less than three weeks, however, Karlsson was kicked out for lacking dedication to the band. Micke Nyholm then returned to take on the drums once again. The act lasted long enough to complete their debut and only album, Enigma Grotesque (2000) before finally splitting. The only two remaining original members, Hemgren and Dahlin deciding to shut it down. Hemgren was goingto move to Örebro (2 hours away from Stockholm) to study, while Dahlin was working but had plans to someday travel to the USA. and attend a music (guitar) school; the same one Hemgren had attended some years ago. Basically there was no band activity.

In 2001 Hemgren (still living in Örebro) had formed a new band called Brain Damage, a mixture of death/thrash, rap and Reggae. Some might even call it "nu-metal". Brain Damage released a demo on CD around December 2001/January 2002 with the drummer Ojja quitting because the music was not really his style.

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Dashboard for Sorg

Nation Sweden
City Stockholm
Genre Black Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 1995-1999
Last Modified 2022-09-27
Diskery ID 99

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