Biohazard (1987-2006, 2008-present): a Metalcore band from Brooklyn, New York, USA.


o many bassist Evan Seinfeld is known for his recurring role on the HBO TV series Oz. As for the rest of the band: they have produced an excellent range of rap and hardcore metal hybrid music almost but not quite classed as "nu-metal". Biohazard originally featured members Billy Graziadei (guitar/vocals), Bobby Hambel (guitar), Danny Schuler (drums) and Rob Echeverria (guitar) to start in Brooklyn, New York and release their self-titled 1990 debut. Urban Discipline (1991) and State Of The World Address (1994) followed. State Of The World Address proved to be a successful venture for it made it to 48 on the US charts and a change in sound from pure Hardcore into a more Cypress Hill styled rap hybrid. Their first appearance in the UK was that year's Monsters Of rock festival that saw them even trying to evoke potentially dangerous audience participation, and they would subsequently get invited back 2 years later with an even higher slotting on the bill. The album's success was based almost entirely on it's politically influenced angst and proved to be worth the investment for their new major label 'Warner Brothers'. The group was turned into a trio, however, when Hambel quit in late 1995.

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Their fourth album, Mata Leao (1996) made it to 72 in the UK but didn't cut at all in the US where critics and fans alike largely ignored it. The band was subsequently sent packing back to 'Roadrunner' for their 1997 live set, No Holds Barred, with Bob Echeverra (ex-Helmet) taking up the vacant guitar spot.

Their return to the minor record label leagues was a short one for the next album, New World Disorder, would arrive in 1999 on 'Mercury'. This new visit at bat for a major was quickly dismissed after their Tales From The B-Side compilation was completed in 2001 for Uncivilization (2001) later that year was released by 'Sanctuary'. Kill Or Be Killed (2003) was next featuring Carmine Matteliano replacing Leo Curley.

In 2004, Seinfeld, now residing in Los Angeles, California, married his fiancée of two years, Tera Patrick.

While the follow-up album, Means to an End was being recorded, the tapes were was lost in a studio disaster. The album had to be re-recorded and was subsequently released August 2005 now featuring Scott Roberts on lead guitar.

Deciding to pursue side projects, the act disbanded in 2006 to reform in 2008 under the classic line-up of Graziadei, Bobby Hambel and Danny Schuler, with Scott Roberts not returning until 2011 for the release of Reborn in Defiance.

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Dashboard for Biohazard

Nation USA
City Brooklyn, New York
Genre Metalcore
Formations 2
Active Years 1987-2006, 2008-
Last Modified 2022-09-25
Diskery ID 793

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