Pissing Razors


Pissing Razors (1994-2004, 2014-present): a Thrash Metal band from El Passo, Texas, USA.


uilding their influences from the likes of Pantera and early Machine Head, Pissing Razors would create a raw and aggressive late-'90s American thrash metal style, forming a raw, aggressive sound typical of the American extreme heavy metal scene.

The band was started by brothers Eddy and Danny Garcia, originally named Back Door Cyclops. They changed their name after a coined phrase thought up by original vocalist, Dave McNutt, after he contracted "the clap" and described the pain.

In the late 1990s, McNutt quit and Joe Rodriguez was brought on. A short time later, drummer Danny Garcia decided to move from El Paso, TX to New York City, NY. and Eddie took this opportunity to switch from playing guitar to drums while Matt Lynch moved from bass to guitar. This left the group with a spot for a new bassist. Rick Valles, a long time guitarist who used to be part of another band with Joe Rodriguez was then hired as the new bassist.

Featuring Joe Rodriguez (vocals), Matt Lynch (guitar), Rick Valles (bass) and Eddy Garcia (drums), Pissing Razors would release their self-titled debut Pissing Razors (1998) and Cast Down The Plague (1999). Cesar Soto replaced Lynch for the follow-up Fields Of Disbelief (2000), Where We Come From (2001) and their live effort Live In The Devil's Triangle (2002). Andre Acosta (vocals) and Matt Difabio (guitar) took over by the production of Evolution (2003). Matt Difabio would leave the band in 2004 to focus on his own Single Bullet Theory act. The rest of the band would quietly split soon after; their final record being almost completely ignored.

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In 2014 Pissing Razors would reform with the membership of Eddy Garcia (drums), Matt Lynch (guitars/bass), Joe Rodriguez (vocals) and Geo Gomez (bass) but released only two solitary tracks in 2019; these tracks received no notice by record labels.

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Pissing Razors
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Dashboard for Pissing Razors

Nation USA
Location El Passo, Texas
Genre Thrash Metal
Formations 2
Active Years 1994-2004, 2014-
Last Modified 2023-02-20
Diskery ID 792

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Pissing Razors
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