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Bloodgood (1985-1994, 1998-present): a Christian Metal band from Seattle, Washington, USA.


ounded in 1985 by Micheal Bloodgood (bass/vocals) and David Zaffiro (guitar/vocals), who recruited Les Carlsen (vocals) and Mark Welling (drums; who replaced original drummer J.T. Taylor). In contrast to their other christian metal peers like Stryper and Barren Cross they were influenced by heavier Brit-Rock of the early '80s NWOBHM scene. A set of late '80s albums met with critical approval featuring the same lyrical determination against the "Dark Side" that the more satanic metallers reserved for God, but their approach got old quick and they backed off that stance by the end of their tenure.

They introduced themselves with the demo Metal Missionaries (1985). Their list of studio albums that followed read like six of the Ten Commandments including Bloodgood (1986), Detonation (1988; now with a line-up change Kevin Whistler replacing Welling and Zaffiro leaving to record a solo album and care for newborn child respectively, and being replaced by Paul Jackson and Terry B. Shelton after the release), Rock in a Hard Place (1988), Out of the Darkness (1989), the aptly titled "best of..." compilation The Collection (1991), and their final sets of All Stand Together (1992), the "best of..." compilation The Collection (1991) and live effort To Germany With Love! (1993) with David McKay taking over keyboards and Paul Roraback on drums. The band reformed in the late 1990s to release Detonation (1998; re-release), Rock in a Hard Place (1998; re-release) and the re-release of To Germany, With Love! (2000; live) followed.

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The music industry finally recognized the band's contributions and Bloodgood was a 2010 Inductee into the Christian Music Hall of Fame.

Michael Bloodgood became senior pastor of Calvary Chapel REDMond, Washington where he has hosted several musician buddies in shows.

Les Carlsen was the lead in the Broadway musical Hair, and appeared as a guest vocalist on Intense Live Series, Vol. 2 by Tourniquet. Kevin Whisler was in a Tacoma-based Christian pop-metal band Watchmen before joining Bloodgood. Watchmen released two albums: Fear No Evil (1988) and Generation (1990), both on 'Regency Records'.

On October 19, 2013, the band released their first video, "Lamb of God", from their new album Dangerously Close (2013).

Footnote: Back in 1987 the band released their most successful album, Detonation. Now with two high charting albums, Bloodgood hit the road for their first major tour. It was a tour that almost proved to be their last. The tour was filled with dates that were badly promoted, staged, or in many cases, the venues didn't exist at all when the band rolled in. Most dates they were asked to accept less money than was agreed upon, and making it from one to the next was a financial struggle.

Discouraged by the financial losses, but encouraged by their other successes, they returned to their homes now in Seattle to evaluate and plan for the future. It was there that they met producer Terry Shelton, who along with the band, decided that a new musical direction should be pursued. The resulting follow-up album, Rock in a Hard Place, spanned the musical spectrum of the Metal world in the track Do Or Die, the arena rock sound of Never Be The Same and experimental Seven. While sales weren't as brisk as Detonation, the band found more profitable success in their mini tour for the album as they avoided many of the pitfalls they had experienced during the Detonation tour. It was here when Mark Welling left the band after the tour and was temporarily replaced by Kevin Whistler.

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