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Blitzkrieg (1980-1981, 1984-1991, 1992-1994, 1996-1999, 2001-present): a NWOBHM band from Leicester, UK.


omehow Blitzkrieg has survived over two decades in the music business but their classic times has always been considered their early days, especially a 1981 single featuring Blitzkrieg and Buried Alive, the more modern Metallica covered Blitzkrieg throughout their career, and this track was also featured on the NWOBHM compilation put together by Lars Ulrich several years later. By the time the band was able to put out their first album, the lineup was quite different from that of the single, and vocalist Brian Ross had already served a stint with fellow NWOBHM-ers Satan. By the time their 1985 debut,A Time of Changes, on 'Neat' was released the line up featured Brian Ross (guitar), Mick Procter (vocals), Jim Sirotto (guitar), Mick Moore(ex-Avenger; bass) and Sean Taylor (drums). As important as that recording was the NWOBHM movement was now at its peak and the down roads were all that was ahead and the band split. In 1991 the act was reformed with the membership of Brian Ross (guitar), Tony J. Liddle (guitar), Glenn S. Howes (guitar), Glen Carey (bass) and GaryYoung (ex-Avenger; drums) for the one-off EP 10 Year's Of Blitzkrieg.

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By the time Unholiy Trinity was released in 1995 the act had reformed again, this time with Ross, Liddleand Taylorreturning to add Dave Anderson (bass). In 1996 the entire rhythm section would be replaced by Phil Millar (guitar), Steve Ireland (bass) and Paul White (drums) to release Ten. 1998's The Misfits Of Avalon saw only Ross returning with Glenn S. Howes (guitar) leaving Martin Richardson (guitar/bass) and Mark Hancock (drums/bass) as new recruits. Once again Ross and Liddle returned to replace the band from 2002's Absolute Power by recruiting Paul Nesbitt (guitar), Andy Galloway (bass) and Phil Brewis (drums). Although competent, their new recordings never received the cult status of their early days.

The band has reformed several times, the latest offering Sins and Greed (2005), Theater of the Damned (2007), Back from Hell (2013), A Time of Changes 30th Anniversary (2015), Judge Not (2018) and Loud and Proud EP (2019). A boxed set followed in 2022.

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Blitzkrieg in Nürnberg 2018.
Photo by: Klaus Hellmerich
(CC BY-SA 4.0)

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