Disguise (1998-present): a Black Metal band from Barletta, Apulia, Italy.


orn in the summer of 1998, Disguise found the right stability with the arrival of the new drummer Aiwass in the summer of 1999 adding his talent to the membership of Vexator (bass), Carnifex (keyboard), Dei Nuntius Mortis (guitar) and Vastator Mentis (vocals). In January 2000 Disguise recorded two songs that were good enough as promo to allow the band to take part in Metal festivals, playing with most of the other big named Italian bands like Aborym, Horrid, Natron, Novembre, Sadist, Undertakers and White Skull. In February 2001 Disguise released their first EP, the Impetus Mali/Mors Fidei opus. The EP contained 5 new tracks plus one (A Dreary Night Of November) extracted from the old promo, for a total time of 32 minutes. In November 2001 Disguise won the Total rock Contest, nation-wide competition organized by Metal Hammer Magazine, as well as becoming members of the Italian Metal Alliance (I.M.A.). In December 2002 Disguise entered Half Moon Studios, in Bari, for the recording of Human Primordial Instinct, their first self-produced album released in 2003. Lyrics of this album denoted the present state of man, obliged by morals and false ethics to lose his real 'humanity' examined thorough three steps (as described by the band):

  1. 'MENS OBSCURATA DOLE': The Human brain has been obscured by the deceit of promises that never come true by deceit of words that taste of lies. Man follows the others erring. This is the greater mistake of man, living without being conscious of it. (Essentially we are all sheep and not thinking for ourselves).
  2. 'NOSTRA HUMANA RESURRECTIO': Another way of living exists where man is master of his fate. It's necessary to go back into the past, to remove ages of moral repressions. It's necessary to retake the Human Primordial Instinct for our human resurrection. Every man can awake to come back to life in right way.
  3. 'SETTIMA PROPOSIZIONE: IL RESTO E' CONSEGUENZA' (Seventh proposition: rest is consequence): Everyone can do what he wants to do, going towards result of his own actions. 'Il resto Ë conseguenza', seventh and last proposition against Christianity written in 1888 in the 'Antichrist' by Nietzsche, summarizes this concept.
Late (2007), another demo, Promo 2008 (2008) and Second Coming (2012) would follow.

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Dashboard for Disguise

Nation Italy
City Barletta, Apulia
Genre Black Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 1998-
Last Modified 2022-11-25
Diskery ID 185

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