King Virtue


King Virtue (1995-present): a Musician from Chesapeake, Virginia, USA.


he prolific musician known as King Virtue would be a unique recording artist who, since 1995, has released numerous solo albums mostly involving himself with occasional help from session musicians. Under he appropriate motto of "Music From The Heart - Lyrics From The Soul", his music mixed alternative rock and hard rock with pop, electronic influences and folk to release King Virtue EP (1995), When Time Runs Out (1996), Perfect World (1997), Love Attack (1998), Crucify (1998), Miserable (1998), In The Beginning ("best of..." compilation; 1998), Ephesians (1999) , Story In My Head (1999), Waiting For Spring (2000), This Is Christmas (2001), Driven Songs Vol.2 ("best of..." compilation; 2002) and Kristallnacht (2003) many of which dealing with matters in which his name relates: Virtue, from everything including lies, child abuse and the plight of the Jews in Nazi Germany. His influences included No Doubt, Blonide, Madonna, Hole, Tori Amos and Duran Duran.

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Honest Working in Sin (2004), No Pictures Please (2006), Between the Rivers (2005), Flashlights in the Fog (2006), The Moon (2014), Dance With Me (2019) and Conglomeration (2021) followed in his trademark style.

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King Virtue

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Dashboard for King Virtue

Nation USA
Location Chesapeake, Virginia
Genre Musician
Formations 1
Active Years 1995-
Last Modified 2023-02-20
Promotional Address Amersircle Records, P.O.
Box 9636, Chesapeake, VA.
USA. 23321
Diskery ID 176

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King Virtue

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