Seven 13


Seven 13 (1997-present): a Progressive Metal band from Orleans, Massachusetts, USA.


eginning its formation in the summer of 1997, Seven13 was the idea of Amanda Adams (keyboards) who sought an outlet for her compositions. Shortly later the addition of Kenneth Michael (vocals), Brian Bales (drums), Justin Ballard (guitar/vocals), Brian Verrochi (bass/vocals) and theatrical dance choreographer Lauren Doucette would develop the sounds of Seven 13 into a solid force. Their music would soon after be featured on several compilation CDs, books and programs, not to mention their regular touring with a fun, energetic and carnival like atmosphere mixed with vibrant dance and costumes, all serving to increase their notoriety. The music of Seven 13 would become a theatrical experience brought to life through an inter-fusion of vibrant dance and costumes.

In 2002 Seven13 launched their Unleashed debut, an attempt at transcribing their progressive metal theatrical styles onto CD. By the time the follow-up Devour was released in 2004, and the subsequent South African tour, the membership had shifted with Amanda Adams on keyboard, Brian Verrochi (bass/backing vocals), Kenneth Michael replaced by Court Linehan as lead vocalist, Bryan Bales replaced by Berklee Graduate Greg Ogan on drums/percussion and Justin Ballard replaced by Mike Burke on lead guitar. D-2 (2007) would follow.

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Besiana ("Mira") Konomi would be the live dancer during this period, although the dance role was replaced often.

Footnote: The membership of Seven 13 is more serious than a simple band of musicians who got together to hack together their songs. As taken from their website, the membership descriptions are as follows:

Amanda Adams: Introduced to the family piano at age four, Amanda Adams proved her inherent talent by composing her first music at age five. Entitled "A Storm Is Coming," the music reflected first a pastoral interlude graduating into a hammering crescendo. Her mother described the piece as having roots in the tumultuous weather patterns, including tornadoes, which ravage areas of Ohio where Amanda grew up on a farm. Through her adolescent years, while studying piano, she experienced entire towns devastated by nature's fury. Always, she was able to translate the emotions felt at the scene by incorporating her muse into musical scores. This aptitude prevails today with the vast diverse repertoire she has composed. Her genealogical roots stem from Prague, Leipzig, and Vienna, all well known seats of musical genius. Perhaps this is one reason why she gravitated to classical music at an early age. She particularly favored composers such as: Dvorjzak, Bela Bartok, and Mozart. When the opportunity arose to study Russian in college, Amanda knew immediately she had found a focus for her passions. She attended school in St. Petersburg, Russia where she identified with the culture and remained fascinated by their perfection, depth and imagination. Many of her original pieces carry over this minor key so prevalent in the Balkans. The plaintiff wails of a wolf on the moors, a gypsy caravan slowly plodding dusty trails, a Siberian princess weaving fairy tales. Like a dancer, her graceful presence brings life to the compositions. A long list of piano competitions and contests all contributed towards the costs of financing her college education. Many years of dedicated employment by day followed by classes at night ultimately culminated in her Master's Degree from Harvard University - Cambridge, Massachusetts. Now Amanda spends her free moments on Cape Cod.

Brian Verrochi: As a Jazz Studies graduate, Brian Verrochi was born in Dorchester, MA and grew up in Quincy, MA, a suburb of Boston. The second youngest of four sisters and one brother, he was introduced to the bass at age eleven. Brian enhanced his musical training by studying piano and voice. He was a student at the Boston Archdioceson Choir School for a total of four years, where he studied under John Dunn. Immediately after graduation from Boston College High School in 1995, where he studied Jazz Theory under Matt Finnegan,Brian was granted a scholarship to Berklee where he concentrated on the upright and electric bass under the guidance of Jim Stinnette. Within that same year, he received the prestigious "Louis Armstrong Jazz Achievement Award."

Court Linehan: The voice of Court Linehan was first heard on September 6, 1976 in Salem, Massachusetts. Growing up with one sister, Court began to develop his natural vocal abilities in Elementary school as a tenor in the choir. He attended high school at the Masconomet Regional facility in Topsfield, Massachusetts. A great love for the stage led Court through countless musical endeavors, from punk rock to classic theatrical productions. He appear ed in several plays including: Man Of La Mancha, Once On This Island, and Guys And Dolls. In 1994, Court assisted in producing, writing and appearing in "Life And Aids;" a series of vignettes depicting the influx of this disease within modern society. Court furthered his vocal experiences by leading several rock bands, starting at the age of sixteen. He wrote several pieces during this time and after winning a "Battle Of The Bands" with his former group "Troy's Bucket," he began to seek long-term goals for his musical career. Court continues to write music today.

Michael Burke: Born in Boston, Massachusetts on October 6, 1977, Michael Burke grew up amongst three brothers and four sisters. His first experience with a guitar was in the 6th Grade. Entering a talent show as "The Beatles," it was Michael's first time holding what would become his favorite instrument. From that moment on, Michael was hooked. In addition to his passion for the guitar, he developed his vocal abilities by joining the North Quincy High School choir. At the age of thirteen, Michael began teaching himself the fundamental basics of the guitar. It was not long after that before he would play for an audience. By the age of fourteen, Michael was performing his first gigs publicly. During this early part of his life, Michael began studying the bass as well, bringing strength to a "Guns and Roses" cover band. In addition to his early years gigging, Michael began developing his skills as a songwriter at the age of sixteen. Since that time, he has nurtured a growing repertoire of original pieces. Michael's fortitude with the guitar is raw, self-taught and unyielding.

Greg "Oganini"Ogan: Greg "Oganini" Ogan was born in Salem, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston. Raised in the North Shore region of Boston, Greg was enticed by music performance at a young age. Showing a knack for rhythm, Greg began studying drums at the age of twelve, under the guidance of Roger Brockelbenk. In high school, he excelled in musical studies, including songwriting and theory, while performing in the Jazz ensemble and school play productions. Greg furthered his education of the drums at Berklee College of music. Enticed by Jazz, Fusion, Funk, rock and R&B, he was privileged to study the art of drumming under the prodigious drummers of our times, including Dave DiCenso, Mike Mangini, and Kenwood Dennard. Greg also joined the esteemed Music Production and Engineering program at Berklee.

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Seven 13

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Dashboard for Seven 13

Nation USA
City Orleans, Massachusetts
Genre Progressive Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 1997-
Last Modified 2022-09-17
Promotional Address Seven 13. P.O. Box 1436,
Orleans, MA. USA 02653
Diskery ID 175

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Seven 13

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