Tin.Rp (1999-present): a Electronica band from Marseille, France.


ormed in 1999, the "Noise Research Program" (as it was dubbed) Tin.Rp set about to make noise. That's it - they made noise! The noise was constructed using computers, distortion devices, and other electronic machinery. The masterminds behind the project were B"L (vocals/ideas/lyrics) and her husband, DDN (machines/lyrics/samplers). Each disc told a loose story. The 'noise' followed beats and pulses, which made it of a less random nature. Their music was one that pushed the very definitions of music and blurred the lines between what is noise and bonified music. Their first release, 2000's Battlezone,would receive a warm welcome by the experimental music press; with the first track Eternal Cage appearing on the 'New Fidelity' label 12" vinyl compilation. Their second, Hun_ger (2001), was inspired by "The Hunger" from Nobel Prize winner Knut Hamsun. It followed along the same lines as their first by using sound distortion as a form of music. Starving (2001) would be their third effort of similar style, almost like a part 2 to Hunger. The next try would resemble more of the electronica genre than their traditional noise style on guitare Brothers (2002), a tongue-in-cheek offering in collaboration with guitar noise guru O.

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Dashboard for Tin.Rp

Nation France
Location Marseille
Genre Electronica
Formations 1
Active Years 1999-
Last Modified 2023-02-20
Promotional Address Del Nista et Berengere,
Michelet-Delattre B2, 5
boulevard du marechal
Koeng, 13009 Marseille.
Web http://www.briningemptine
Diskery ID 122

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