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The second of the great trilogy!

The image of “Skel” would now return, this time as an Aztec Priest atop the Temple Of The Sun making a sacrifice to the “God of Music” on the cover of Recorded History; another image conceived of by album producer Derek McDonald, and once again illustrated by vocalist Jamie Haigh of the South African Death Metal band Demacretia.

It is difficult to return from the type of success awarded on The Alliance but Recorded History took a good stab at it! Recognized by the United Nations as “An Achievement Of MankindRecorded History was quite simply unique for it’s day. Launched on Dec. 31, 2002, Recorded History covered the biographies of some 500 bands and reviews of 900 releases and came complete with a music video and several hours of music recorded in MP3 format, as well as some 100 full color artist photographs. The text also boasted the entire history of Rock music from 1952 to the present! It was encoded in the Adobe PDF format and worked just like a book, but on the computer screen, complete with interactive icons and Internet connections on any make of computer with Adobe Acrobat 4 or higher!

Recorded History got acclaim by universities and libraries and served to supply Emperor Multimedia with a wealth of new talent for the future.

Quite simply this album is important in any rock music lovers collection!

900 Album reviews
500 Band Biographies
14 MP3 Tracks
MAC/PC compatible
Full music video in 2 formats

Snake Eyes
Robert Jackson
Raggedy Aneurysm
J.D. Bradshaw
Lashing Ether
Jet Black Joy
Dream Or Nightmare


Betrayer Picture Lashing Ether picture Snake Eyes David Neil Cline Picture


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