For those running Adobe Reader 9. A known error occurs with Polishing of Metal's bootstrap (autostart) in some situations.

If you have upgraded from past versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader or are re-installing a past version: Be advised that Polishing of Metal may fail to load. The reason is that Macromedia (the developers of Acrobat Reader) have changed the file name of the reader, as a result Windows, and therefore POM, gets confused and will refuse to load. POM will generate an error message saying that the CD can't find a file and has quit.

Those who experience this will need to load the disc manually or modify the Windows environment variables via the CONTROL PANEL to look for the Adobe Reader. If you are good at programming, you can create a dummy file called ACROBAT.EXE with an internal call to the new Reader file name and leave it in your WINDOWS folder.

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