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Arch Enemy


Arch Enemy (1995-present): a Death Metal band from Halmstad, Sweden.


ormed by guitarist Michael Amott after his departure from the now legendary Carcass, Arch Enemy first garnered praise under the membership of Johan Liiva (vocals), Fredrik ├...kesson (guitars), Martin Bengtsson (bass), Peter Wildoer (drums) and Amott himself. But ├...kesson wasn't there long for brother Christopher Amott would soon replace him. Their fame came with the Metal releases of Black Earth (1996) and Stigmata (1998) the same album that also saw Martin Bengtsson and Peter Wildoer replaced with Sharlee D'Angelo and Daniel Erlandsson respectively. Burning Bridges would follow in 1999 now featuring Johan Jiva replaced with Angela Gossow, Wages of Sin (2001), Anthems of Rebellion (2003), Dead Eyes See no Future EP (2004) and Doomsday Machine (2005) would soon follow.

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Upon signing to 'Regain Records', their cult classic Black Earth would be reprinted in 2007. Indeed, 2007 was a very productive year with the EP Revolution Begins and Rise of the Tyrant following.

Not done with tyrannical talk, Tyrants of the Rising Sun: Live in Japan then arrived.

The Root of all Evil (2009), Khaos Legions (2011), War Eternal (2014) and Will to Power (2014) would follow. For Deceivers (2022) Jeff Loomis would be recruited to add a second guitar position. 2018's R├ąpunk was an EP of covers.

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Arch Enemy
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