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The Jesus Lizard


The Jesus Lizard (1987-1999, 2008-2010, 2017-present): a Punk band from Austin, Texas, USA.


tarting with David Yow (vocals) and David William Sims (bass/guitar) who had just finished folding up Scratch Acid with Brett Bradford (guitar/vocals) and Rey Washam (ex-Big Boys; drums/piano), Jesus Lizard, after releasing a set of Hardcore punk albums in the form of Scratch Acid (1986), Just Keep Eating (1986; mini album) and Berserker (1987) before reforming as Jesus Lizard with Yow, Sims, Duane Dennison (guitar) and Mac McNeilly (drums) to release a ferocious punk rock and metallic blues attack on their Pure (1989) debut modeled after the likes of Butthole Surfers, Iggy Pop and Birthday Party. The bare-chested Yow remained a huge focal point in their apocalyptic psychotic live shows, he was known for launching himself into the audience at will and body surfing while still singing.

During the 1990s they would release a set of lyrically disturbing albums in the form of Head (1990), Goat (1991) and Liar (1992), an album that omitted one of their most disturbing tracks to date, a cover of the Dicks' Wheelchair Epidemic, a track that was released only as a single on its own. Their only chart success was a UK 20 for their Puss contribution on a split 45 with Nirvana the following year. They followed it up with the US only release of their first live shot Show (1993), Lash (1993) and another live effort in the form of Down arrived before rejecting an offer from 'Atlantic' in favor of 'Capitol' for Shot (1996). Jim Kimball (ex-Mule/ex-Laughing Hyenas) would then replaced McNeilly.

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Fans of one-syllable titles as always, Jesus Lizard's next full-featured album would be Blue (1998).

In August 1998 Kimball left the group and was replaced by Chicago-based drummer Brendan Murphy, formerly of the Wesley Willis Fiasco. They embarked on several more months of heavy touring, After being dropped from 'Capitol Records' mid-contract, the band announced its split the following June.

Jesus Lizard reformed in 2008 with McNeilly drumming for touring that went on for two years. Following the tour, the individual members returned to other projects and stated that this run of activity was "probably [their] last."

Their last? Well for recordings it has been so far, there were several reformations for live tours but no new recordings.

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