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Zyklon (2001-2010): a Black Metal band from Notodden, Norway.


ith Emperor now fading into history by 2001 after their first break up, main man Samoth (Real Name: Tomas Haugen; ex-Emperor/ex-Gorgoroth/ex-Satyricon; guitar) now going under the name Zamoth, could get going on his personal project Zyklon (he formerly had an unrelated project Zyklon-B that didn't go very far; it is suspected that he started this new act with the modified Zyklon name for political reasons (see footnote section).

Drummer Trym Torson (Real Name: Kai Johnny Mosaker; ex-(Enslaved, Emperor, Ceremony, Old Man's Child, Shadow Season, Imperium, Satyricon, Paganize, Tartaros, Notodden All Stars) then joined him. Later two other black metal personalities were recruited in the form of guitarist and vocalist Destructhor (Real Name: Thor Anders Myhren; of Myrkskog) and vocalist Daemon (Real Name: Vidar Jensen; of Limbonic Art).

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The resulting album, World Ov Worms (2001), however, wasn't the pure black metal album that was expected, but proved to be a death/black hybrid. The lyrics featured further Emperor influences by being written by former Emperor drummer Faust, and proved to be of a futuristic, almost sci-fi (much like their name) and political slant rather than the more traditional black metal occult themes. Still, the band trudged on to release Split EP 7"(2003) with Red Harvest. Ltd. 1000, and then another similarly styled album, Aeon (2003), featuring new vocalist Sechtdamon (ex-Myrkskog) with Daemon now out. Disintegrate (2006) would follow, along with the The Storm Manifesto boxed set in 2010.

Footnote: Zyklon-B, the original name attempt for this act is a name that nobody really wants to be stuck with, even with the shock tactics that exist in heavy metal. Zyklon-B was the name of the chemical used by Nazis to kill prisoners in concentration camps by pumping it into the infamous "showers of death".

Under the original band name, Samoth released a set of EP's and 7"'s in the form of Blood Must Be Shed 7" EP (1995), Blood Must Be Shed split tape (1996; split w. Swordmaster, and Necrolust/Total Warfare 7" (1999; split w. Mayhem; picture disc limited to 1000) with the membership of Bjorn Dencker (a.k.a. Aldrahn; ex-(DHG, Darkthrone, Old Man's Child, Isengard, Thorns, Dimmu Borgir); vocals), Kjetil Vidar Haraldstad (a.k.a. Frost; ex-(Satyricon, Gorogoroth, Gehenna, 1349, Keep Of Kalessin, Nattefrost); drums), Tomas Tormodseter Haugen (a.k.a. Samoth; ex-(Emperor, Thou Shalt Suffer, Arcturus, Gorgoroth, Burzum, Sirius, Hagalaz Runedance, Ildjarn, Satyricon, Ulver, Disiplin, Embryonic, Mortem, Notodden All Stars, Scum); guitar/bass; sentenced for church arson) and Vegard Sverre Tveitan (a.k.a. Ihsahn; keyboard). Zyklon-B's music was basically about death and killing and was released as a side project in 1993, at a time when Samoth and crew were the bulk of Emperor in the middle of all the chaos in Norway with burning down christian churches, the killing of Euronymous of Mayhem, etc. The act folded in 1995.

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Dashboard for Zyklon

Nation Norway
City Notodden
Genre Black Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 2001-2010
Last Modified 2022-09-27
Diskery ID 910

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