Baphomet's Throne


Baphomet's Throne (1992-1998, 1998-present): a Black Metal band from Wroclaw, Lower Silesia, Poland.


riginally under the name Oppressor and under the membership of Von Bojba (guitar/vocals), Pitbull (drums) and Nosferatu (bass), the horde ran into naming problems in 1998, after only releasing a handful of demos and one album, when they discovered that the name Oppressor was already taken by an American band, so they assumed the moniker Baphomet's Throne, believing the name was dark enough to get the point across that they played evil sounding music.

As Oppressor, this act's first hellish outburst from the abyss was 1992's demo Time Of Agony, presented for play at concerts on the underground scene. But by 1993 there were some changes in the crew with Samchiel (ex-Nuctumerun; bass) and Tom Barlog (ex-Infernum; drums) stepping in, with the second guitarist Renfast (a.k.a. Martin) joining shortly later. May the following year would see their next unholy child Blasphemous Thoughts emerge from their improvised studio, a demo album the act claimed, "crushed the corpses of posers". The album also featured keyboard work by session musician Rob Darken (of Graveland). After adding two bonus tracks, Blasphemous Thoughts was re-recorded in a professional studio and published by 'Baron Records' the following year. Left Hand (ex-Arkon) joins on keyboards permanently soon after.

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The end of the '90s also saw the act change more members with IX Abass taking over bass from the recently acquired bassist Dominus when he decided to leave and Left Hand (ex-Arkona; keyboards). It was slow going until 2001 when they released their next opus Spiritual Evil, another blasphemous product featuring 25 minutes of pure evil under the name Baphomet's Throne.

In July 2003 'Panzer Truppen Records' published a limited edition of the album Spiritual Evil with a re-edit of the Blasphemous Thoughts to follow. Meanwhile, Forneus took over bass. Emanation of Blackness split album would emerge in 2010 under the membership of Pitbull (Real Name: Piotr Wojciechowski; drums), Bael von Bojba (Real Name: Piotr Bajaroj?; guitars/vocals), Naberius (keyboards) and Louise Seiffer (bass).

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Dashboard for Baphomet's Throne

Nation Poland
Location Wroclaw, Lower Silesia
Genre Black Metal
Formations 2
Active Years 1992-1998, 1998-
Last Modified 2023-02-20
Diskery ID 963

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