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Brutal Truth


Brutal Truth (1990-1998, 2006-2014): a Death Metal band from New York, New York, USA.


hat would become Brutal Truth started in 1992 by ex-Anthrax/ex-D.O.A. bassist Dan Lilker while still a full member of thrash metal act Nuclear Assault. Recruiting Kevin Sharp (vocals), Brent McCarty (guitar) and Scott Lewis (drums) the pounded out a more hardcore metal sound. His new group signed to 'Relapse' records to release their debut EP Ill Neglect and album proper, Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses in 1992. Lewis, however, had plans in Lilker's other offshoot act, Exit-13, so Rich Hoak was recruited for 1993's Perpetual Conversion EP. Both Brutal Truth and Exit-13 (featuring Lilker and Lewis, along with Bill Yurkiewicz (vocals/samples) and Steve O'Donnell (guitar)) released albums virtually simultaneously late in 1994, with Brutal Truth's sophomore effort, Need To Control, and Exit-13's sophomore Ethos Musick being released. Exit-13 had previously released Don't Spare The Green Love in 1993 and Lilker managed both projects ever since.

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For Brutal Truth's part, their Need To Control featured a boxed set with cover versions of Lord Of This World (Black Sabbath), Dethroned Emperor (Celtic Frost) and Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd). They would follow it up with Kill Trend Suicide (1997) and Sounds of the Animal Kingdom (1997) before splitting in 1988. A posthumous "best of..." double CD (1 live) emerged 10 years later titled Goodbye Cruel World (1998).

The new century opened up with the EP For Drug Crazed Grindfreaks Only! (2000). In 2008, the membership of Kevin Sharp (vocals), Erik Burke (guitars), Dan Lilker (bass) and Rich Hoak (drums) would be featured on Evolution Through Revolution (2009). Evolution in One Take: For Grindfreaks Only! Volume 2 live (2009) and End Time (2011) followed. They would split in 2014.

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Brutal Truth
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