Impaled Nazarene


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Impaled Nazarene (1990-present): a Black Metal band from Oulu, Finland.


nder the original line-up of brothers Mikaand Kimmo Luttinen, Mika Paakko, Ari Holappa and Autti Pihkala, Impaled Nazarene started in 1990. After recording several demos featuring new material and some of their former band, Mutilation's, tracks, Pihkala left to be replaced by Hari Halonen who arrived in time to help release their now hard to get 1991 7" Goat Perversion, (a single later re-released on their 2001 "best of..." compilation, Decade Of Decadence (2000)). Now noticed by 'Osmose Productions', their next release, Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz (1993) emerged with Taneli Jarva on bass, while Paakko left on guitar for Jarno Antilla to take over.

After a tour, the band then returned to the studio for their next speedy, punky, black metal release, Ugra Karma (1993), the cover art of which offended the Hare Krishna movement who won a court action against the band. But this was not the last time the band were to court controversy, as their third full-set, Suomi Finland Perkele (1994; originally named Hail to Finland) managed to offend a French youth group for the lyrics to Total War-Winter War, forcing the album to be withdrawn from the shelves of a major French retailer. But while in recording sessions for the next release in 1995, disputes within the band forced the separation of Kimmo Luttinen from the band to be replaced by Reima Kellokoski; around this time, the court action was also dropped.

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Their fourth album, Latex Cult  (1996) was a far better success but nonetheless missed the chart positions. Jarvawould leave almost immediately after its completion with Jani Lehtosaari taking his place soon after. It would be two years later when they returned to follow-up with the release with Rapture (1998), an album also pushing closer to the punkier side of death metal, naming themselves "Nuclear Metal". Nihil (2000), on the other hand, leaned more in a basic heavy metal direction while also featuring the guitar work of Alexi Laiho, who joined part-time after a Russiangig with his band, Children of Bodom. Mikael Arnkil would then replace Lehtosaari on bass.

Also ongoing at this time was the side project Diabolos Rising, soon after renamed Raism, an operation by Mika Luttinen, along with shaven-headed frontman Mika X6X, MW Daoloth (of Necromantia; keyboards) and with Sotiris (of Septic Flesh; guitar). Featuring a mix of death metal riffs with techno beats a general extreme sound was the result. Under this moniker, their releases included the mini-album, The Very Best Of Pain (1996) and the full album, Aesthetic Terrorism (1998).

Impaled Nazarene was not done yet for Absence Of War Does Not Mean Peace emerged in 2001 Teemu Raimoranta replacing Laiho temporarily until the release of All That You Fear (2003) that saw Tuomo Louhio take over the position.

On March 16, 2003, guitarist Teemu Raimoranta, died of injuries sustained when falling from a bridge in Helsinki. He would be replaced by Tuomo "Tuomio" Louhio for Pro Patria Finlandia (2006), Manifest (2007), Road to the Octagon (2010) and Vigorous and Liberating Death (2014); the 2007 release seeing Tomi "UG" Ullgrén replacing Louhio. Goat of Mendes EP (2021), Morbid Fate EP (2017) and Eight Headed Serpent (2021) would follow.

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Impaled Nazarene
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Nation Finland
Location Oulu
Genre Black Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 1990-
Last Modified 2023-02-20
Diskery ID 606

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Impaled Nazarene
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