Tribes of Neurot


Tribes of Neurot (1993-present): a Progressive Metal band from Oakland, California, USA.


t would be in 1995 when this Neurosis side project would release their debut, Rebegin, followed by Silver Blood Transmission (1995) under the membership of Pete Inc. (bass), Dave Edwardson (keyboards/fute/vocals), Scott Kelly (drums/guitars), Noah Landis (vocals), Jason Roeder (drums/didgeridoo) and Stephen Francis Vontill, Jr. (guitars/organ/drums/vocals).

Despite coming from a more prominent band, little is known of this act. Over the band's tenure it would feature Billy Anderson, Ajax, Danny, Scott Ayers, Frank Garymartin and Jackie Perez Gratz (cello) to release Grace (1999), Adaptation and Survival (2002), Cairn 4xCD (2002), A Resonant Sun (2002), Meridian (2005) and the EPs Rebegin 2x7" (1995), Locust Star (1996), Rebegin (1997), God of the Center (1997), Untitled (1997), Spring Equinox 1999 (1999), Summer Solstice 1999 (1999), Autumn Equinox 1999 (1999), Winter Solstice 1999 (1999), Spring Equinox 2000 (2000), Summer Solstice 2000 (2000), Autumn Equinox 2000 (2000), Winter Solstice 2000 (2000), Spring Equinox 2001 (2001), Summer Solstice 2001 (2001), Autumn Equinox 2001 (2001) and Winter Solstice 2001 (2001).

Footnote: The albums Times of Grace (by Neurosis) and Grace (by Tribes of Neurot) were designed to be played together.

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Dashboard for Tribes of Neurot

Nation USA
Location Oakland, California
Genre Progressive Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 1993-
Last Modified 2023-10-29
Diskery ID 928

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