Cloven Hoof


Cloven Hoof (1979-1990, 2001-present): a NWOBHM band from Wolverhampton, UK.


aming themselves after the elements, David Potter (a.k.a. Water; vocals), Steve Rounds (a.k.a. Fire; guitar), Lee Barry Andre Payne (a.k.a. Air; bass) and Kevin Pountney (a.k.a. Earth; drums) came together in 1979 to launch a special kind of Kiss styled theatrical band mixed with tongue-in-cheek Satanic imagery titled Cloven Hoof to release an album of the same title on 'Neat' in 1984.

Exchanging Potter with ex-Trapeze man Rob Hendrick after Potter abruptly quit to join the French band H-Bomb, who wanted an English-speaking singer to improve their commercial appeal, Cloven Hoof would launch the live Fighting Back in 1986.

While the band broke apart with the membership once again in flux, Payne would return with much of the former Tredegar membership of Russell North (vocals), Andrew Wood (guitar), and John Brown (drums) by his side to try one more time for two albums, now taking the music heavier into a more power metal sound on Dominator (1988) and A Sultan's Ransom (1989). The problem became apparent that the act had said it's piece and their style repetition got tiresome for the heavy metal press so they split soon after the change of the decade.

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Gone but not forgotten. In 2006 Payne would round up another bunch of blokes in the form of Lynch Radinsky (drums), Matt Moreton (vocals (lead)/vocals (backing)), Andy Shortland (guitars) and Lee Payne (bass/vocals) to release Eye of the Sun, and Ben Read assumed guitars for The Definitive Part One (2008), while Matt Moreton took lead vocals on Throne of Damnation (2010).

Once again Payne shuffled his band cabinet for Resist or Serve (2014) with Joe Whelan (vocals (lead)/guitars (lead, rhythm)), Chris Coss (guitars (rhythm)), Lee Payne (bass/vocals (backing)/lyrics) and Jake Oseland (drums). Luke Hatton (guitars (lead)), Danny White (drums/percussion) and George Call (vocals) would be the replacement members for Who Mourns for the Morning Star? (2017), while Ash Baker (guitars (lead)) and Mark Bristow (drums) stepped in for Age of Steel (2020).

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Cloven Hoof
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Nation UK
City Wolverhampton
Formations 2
Active Years 1979-1990, 2001-
Last Modified 2022-10-02
Diskery ID 926

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Cloven Hoof


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