Left Hand Solution


Left Hand Solution (1991-present): a Gothic band from Sundsvall, Sweden.


ormed in 1991, Left Hand Solution went the usual route of demos and lineup shifts before recording their debut mini-CD, Shadowdance in 1994 with Kicki Höijertz (vocals), Jocke Mårdstam (guitar), Peter Selin (bass) andErik Barthold (drums) that was followed by Fevered(1996), with Mariana Holmberg taking over vocals. Their basic concept was punk/doom metal with female vocals.Janne Wiklund took over fromMårdstam for the more recent effort, Light Shines Black(2001), a more upbeat attempt, emphasizing the Goth side over the Doom, with a more rock feel. Featuring a cover of the Eurythmics' Missionary Man, vocalist Mariana Holmberg's vocals were excellent and not a soprano like many other female Metal vocalists, but more midrange, much like Annie Lennox. Now with Robert Bergius on bass, the band is planning to record in late 2004.

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