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Dark Tranquillity


Dark Tranquillity (1989-present): a Death Metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden.


y blending melodic guitar harmonies with brutal death metal riffing, Dark Tranquillity is acknowledged as one of the founders of the style of death metal often referred incorrectly as "Gothenburg". Mikael Stanne (vocals), Niklas Sundin (guitar), Martin Henriksson (bass), Anders Jivarp (drums), Anders Friden (vocals) and Fredrik Johansson (guitar) would release their debut, Skydancer, in 1993 on the 'Spinefarm' label that was soon after followed-up with Of Chaos And Eternal Night EP (1995) before changing to 'Osmose' to release The Gallery (1995), Enter Suicidal Angels EP (1996) and The Mind's I (1997). A slight change in style, drifting less into the direction of death metal was the result for the follow-up albums on 'Century Media' now featuring Martin Brandstrom on electronics and Michael Niklasson taking over from Johansson on guitar for Projector (1999), the Skydancer & Of Chaos And Eternal Night US re-issue of the Skydancer CD with the Of Chaos And Eternal Night EP (2000), and Haven (2000). Their Damage Done (2002) release finally saw them receiving strong reviews.

2004 saw the release of the Exposures - In Retrospect And Denial compilation and the Lost To Apathy EP while 2005 would see the release of a new album in the form of Character. After Fiction (2007), We Are the Void (2010) would feature new member Daniel Antonsson on bass/guitars (lead) (tracks 1, 6)/songwriting (track 2), but he would not be present for 2013's Construct.

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Atoma (2016) and Moment (2020) would feature Anders Iwers on bass, the second effort also featuring Johan Reinholdz (guitars/songwriting (tracks 1-4, 6-9)) and Christopher Amott (guitars).

The band name is often misspelled as "Dark Tranquility", which is the US spelling of the word.
Dark Tranquillity, along with At the Gates and In Flames are cited as the pioneers of what is now known as melodic death metal, or the "Gothenburg sound".

Rhythm guitarist Mikael Stanne switched to vocals after Anders Fridén's departure. When his replacement Fredrik Johansson left in 1998, bassist Martin Henriksson took up the guitar duties while Michael Nicklasson assumed bass. They also added Martin Brändström to handle electronic instruments. Michael Nicklasson left the band in August 2008.

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Dark Tranquillity
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