Pandemia (1995-present): a Death Metal band from Cheb, Karlovy Vary Region, Czech Republic.


n July of 1995 three former members of death metal band Suffering, namely Matthew (vocals), Alex Marek (guitar) and Jarda Hajek (bass), decided that a change of direction was needed and renamed themselves Pandemia, as well as recruiting new drummer Pavel Kouba. After three months of practice they launched their debut 1995 demo The Dust On The Eyes. A Year later, Michal joined the band to take over vocal duties.

January of 1997 would see the launch of a split EP in the form of Dance In Vicious Circle featuring five songs of mid-paced death metal; a production that was followed-up with a tour with Vader and Krabathor throughout the Czech and Slovak republics; after the tour Tom Brtník would step in to assume the drum role. This second effort then got noticed by local underground label 'Anti Nazi Productions' who then released it as a split tape with another Czech band called Exhumace. The band then resumed touring, this time with Dimmu Borgir, Kreator, Krisiun and Krabathor, most notably in Prague in front of an audience of 2000, and later playing with Death, also in Prague. Their debut demo was then picked up in September of 1998 on 'Soundless Records', a label from Lithuania who released it as a split effort with South African grinders Groinchurn.

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The Message From The Death Metal Empire (1999) would follow on Greek based 'Adenon Productions' featuring a compilation of their earlier 1998 debut, along with two bonus tracks. Featuring several new songs of solid fast paced death metal Pandemia would then release their debut album, Spreading The Message (1999) on US based 'Lost Disciple Records', along with larger tours of Europe, and featuring Michal Bárta on vocals. But a month later, in January of 2001, Brtník decided to leave the band due to health problems that didn't allow him to keep playing his fast and intense drum style, so after a short period of playing with Marthus, Pavel (who had played in the band in the period of 1995-1997) rejoined the band. And after a subsequent 2002 tour with Incantation, Personal Demon (2003) was released.

Riven (2005), Feet of Anger (2009) with Vlastislav "Vlasta" Slíz (guitars) and Jirka Krs (vocals), and At the Gates of Nihilism (2015) followed with Vitalij Novak on guitars.

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Dashboard for Pandemia

Nation Czech Republic
City Cheb, Karlovy Vary Region
Genre Death Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 1995-
Last Modified 2022-09-27
Diskery ID 840

Artists Linked to Pandemia

Death Dimmu Borgir Incantation

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