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Retturn (1995-present): a Metalcore band from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


riginally named No Return, Retturn (yes, with two "t"'s) played hardcore and pushed hard to make it into the big leagues, even obtaining the management of Vania Cavalera mother of Igor Cavalera). Within short order this act managed to get gigs with Sepultura, Overdose, Dorsal Atlantica and Ramones before ever releasing their debut album!

It all started in May 1995 with three friends, Baffo Neto (guitar/vocals), Jaba Vierira (bass) and Marcos de Maria (drums). Shortly after their founding they were booked as the opening act for Dorsal Atlantica, a respected hardcore/heavy metal act from Rio de Janeiro. Their first showing was considered a hit. After several smaller gigs around, they went to a friend's house to record Agoravai, their first demo, a 3 song tape done in only 10 hours; shortly after they booked their own tour.

The Adios Amigos tour would see them as the opening act for Ramones for the Sao Paulo date. This show, it would end off, was a benchmark for their band now named Retturn, as it gained them much desired respect. Shortly after, Thiago "Nego" Conceição who, until then, was playing in a Nirvana cover band replaced bassist Jaba. While they were in recruiting mode they also picked up a second guitarist by the name of Vinicius Anaya and they signed to 'metal records'. In September of 1997 their self-titled 11 track album was independently launched and promoted with a cascade of concerts. One such tour boasted 17 dates across Brazil with Overdose, and media coverage including a radio broadcast re-transmitted by satellite.

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In 1999 Michel Gambini would replace Vinicious. Their first release sold 10,000 units in brazil alone. They decided to settle in the Netherlands to increase their attention on Europe. Just before they left, they were invited to play with Sepultura, one of Brazil's most known acts, at the Santo Andre anniversary party.

After only two months in Amsterdam, Marcos returned to Brazil and Nego traded in his guitar for the drumsticks with Robson Carvalho, an old friend of Buffo, Michael and Nego's, flying in from Sao Paulo to assume the bass roll. Agamenon Jr., an eccentric musician from north brazil (who came to play synthesizer) added a new depth to their music. Their first European show (without Agamenon) was a success. Now enter Vania Cavelara (Sepultura), who was made aware of the band by son Igor (of Sepultura). She would assume the managerial role. The band continued to tour Holland and surrounding countries, even featuring a date with Brazilian hardcore act Ratos de Porao. A 4 track single and demo for the track Hate was also completed culminating in the release of their Strain (2001) album.

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