Godflesh (1988-2002, 2009-present): a Industrial Metal band from Birmingham, UK.


he band Godflesh was started by Justin Broadrick and G. Christian 'Benny' Green, would become producers of uncompromising, drum-machine driven industrial music. Originally known as Final and then Fall of Because between 1982 and 1988, they would debut in late 1988 as Godflesh with an eponymous EP on the small 'Swordfish' label. By the next year they would be with 'Earache' for the Streetcleaner (1989) album. They would then tour with label mates Napalm Death; the relationship between them and the boys of Napalm was through Broadrick having previously played on that band's legendary Scum album.

1991's Slavestate was basically a compilation featuring previously released singles. The follow-up, Pure (1992), however, would prove to be their second "proper" album. The new disc was a bleak set featuring tracks that dipped deep into new depths of grinding despair. The following year, Broadrick guessed for Scorn on their debut set, Vae Solis, before remixing Pantera's Walk, a new Godflesh album finally arriving in 1994 as Selfless, the first full-length album of their production to feature a real drummer in the form of Brian Mantia.

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Like most 'Earache' acts, Godflesh would only attract a cult following, their most recent claims being Songs of Love and Hate (1996) and a remixed version Lova And Hate In Dub (1997). Mantia would then leave for Primus to be replaced by ex-Prong drummer Ted Parsons. After moonlighting as Final to release three mini-albums, One (1993), Final 2 (1996), The First Millionth Of A Second (1997) and Solaris (1998), Broadrick reunited with  Greento return to their industrial/grind roots with Us and Them (1999), saw the group experimenting with a more electronic, drum and bass-oriented sound in which the guitar played a less central role. Hymns (2001) followed, an album that received acclaim.

Green left in late 2001. The band announced that he would be replaced by former Killing Joke and Prong bassist Paul Raven. In the interim, however, Broadrick's thirteen-year relationship with his girlfriend dissolved, and he suffered a nervous breakdown shortly before departing for a tour of the United States. The canceled tour caused problems. Bus companies had been hired, the groups High on Fire and Halo had been booked to support, not to mention supporting crews et. al. They wanted compensation, so everyone who lost money came after Broadrick. Broadrick had also lost money in the cancellation, so much so that he found it hard to pay his own bills, never mind the refunds demanded by the other players in the bookings. In the end he announced the end of the band.

In November 2009, a reunion show was officially announced for the 2010 edition of the Hellfest Summer Open Air (Clisson, France).

Using temporary and session players, Broadrick playing lead vocals, guitars, programming and Green playing bass and programming returned to release A World Lit Only by Fire in 2014.

Post Self would arrive in 2017, with the Nero EP and their next album Purge following in 2022 and 2023 respectively.

Footnote: After 'Earache' merged with 'Sony (Columbia)', Godflesh began appearing on soundtracks. In 1995, they appeared on the soundtrack to the film Hideaway. They also appeared in the movie itself. During one of the club scenes, they are playing onstage in the background, performing the song "Nihil".

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Dashboard for Godflesh

Nation UK
Location Birmingham
Genre Industrial Metal
Formations 2
Active Years 1988-2002, 2009-
Last Modified 2023-11-16
Diskery ID 815

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