Bewitched (1990-present): a Black Metal band from Chile.


ot to be confused with the more recent Swedish speed/thrash metal outfit of the same name, the Chilean Bewithed was created by vocalist Doomicus and guitarist Epic "Arahn Evil" Warrior in 1990, and officially entered the scene in 1991 with their demo In God I Trust (The Medieval Fears), a recording that laid the foundations for their characteristic black /doom metal sound. A second demo followed in 1992, Nemesis, featuring three new members: Iron "Anganamon" Warrior (guitar), Path Sentinel (Real Name: Claudio Prado; bass), and Walhalla Thunder (Real Name: José Manuel; drums). With this line-up, Bewitched went on to record one more demo, Doomed, which displayed a more punk and epic black/doom direction and was widely distributed through European mail orders like 'Osmose Productions' and 'Holy Records'. The last set eventually led to a deal with 'Warmaster Records' in Colombia, to release a split LP with Finish F, called Uncunt.

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After another line-up change, and after several session members, the Hibernum in Perpetuum (1996) full length under the membership of Doomicus Stardust (Real Name: Aldo Araya Contreras) returning with Arahn Evil and new members Snow (Real Name: Rodrigo Espinoza) drums), Cuto (guitar), Jose Luis (bass) and Path Sentinel (acoustic guitars) was recorded in the winter of 1993 and eventually thawed out in 1995 via Chilean label 'Picoroco Records'. Despite its very limited edition, Hibernum in Perpetuum enjoyed fairly good distribution in Europe, and formed the basis for a new deal with 'Conquistador Records'. Another membership change with Mayhem (Real Name: Rodrigo Campos) taking over guitar from Cuto and Anganamon switching to bass. The ensuing album, Dragonflight, stepped into a new level of doom metal, featuring the technical dexterity of the epic European sound, as well as the classic black metal elements and look. Dragonflight arrived in the spring of 1997, and signified a decisive step forward for the band. The compilation Symphonia Armonie Infernum Revelationum (1997) followed to sum up the first chapter of their tenure.

2002 would see the release of Somewhere Beyond The Mist and a complete new line-up behind Doomicus (now as Doomicus Stardust) and Arahn Evil featuring Blinder (guitar), Warhammer (drums), Astralis Domina (keyboard/piano) and Aegir (Real Name: Juan Pablo Pizarro; bass/acoustic guitar). Within a year the re-release of their first album Hibernum in Perpetuum was issued on a double CD containing their first demos, split-LP '93, live video and live & studio bonus tracks through 'Conquistador/Supernal Music'.

A new album, Selfconfidence (2003), with a new approach toward grim-pagan metal full of raw and epic-obscure sounds arrived, and with it another complete line-up change with Evil gone and Doomicus recruiting Kæffel (a.k.a. Walter Tölg-Opitz Villarroel; drums) and Moerk Handen (a.k.a. Christian Frost; guitars) with Warhammer being featured on only one track, Pagan Nature.

Holocaust would add a guitar for Unveiling Zion: The Mother's Return (2005). The compilation Black Funeral (A Satanic Statement of Hate) would follow later that year.

Dragonflight 2007 (2007) was a re-recorded/re-mixed version of the Dragonflight album, with that original line-up; the front cover taken from the original tape release from 1997 with track 12 being a new bonus track.

The Lucifer's Stardust compilation (2011) and Caravans EP (2014) followed. But by the time In Via Increatae Lvx (2015) Doomicus had hanged the membership to feature Centurio (guitars - on track 3) and C. Mortvm (guitars, bass, backing vocals). Centurio would be gone for Nemesis and the Revelation of Doom (2016).

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Nation Chile
Location Unknown
Genre Black Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 1990-
Last Modified 2023-02-20
Diskery ID 813

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