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Mulch (2001-2002): a Death Metal band from Detroit, Michigan, USA.


tarting in November of 2000, Mulch formed from the ashes of defunct band Endorfiend. Mulch had endured some various lineup changes, especially at the start, but managed to keep the core members of Jon Halcomb (guitar), Mike Reseigh (drums/vocals) and Ron Hill (bass) for much of their career thus far. Back in the Endorfiend days, Reseigh joined the band after answering his ad for a drummer. But Endorfiend ended off being short lived.

After Endorfiend's demise, Halcomb, Reseigh and Hill joined forces to create a death metal band, and changing the act's name to Mulch. Performing as a three piece for two years and without a front man, Reseigh was re-hired for not only drums, but lead vocals as well. Halcomb and Reseigh wrote all the new material; Reseigh writing lyrics and drums and Halcomb writing all the guitar riffing, employing their new found brutal musical style. Mulchrecorded a rough demo to qualify for a benefit show for legendary guitarist and recent cancer victim James Murphy. Then in the later part of 2002, Mulch went to Cloud Studios to record their debut demo. Mulch would then continued to unleash their brand of old-school death metal with newer styles within the genre in their local Detroit scene.

In January of 2003, the vocals were finally filled with growler Brian Forgue. Shortly later, Kevin Carron would replace Ron Hill so Hill could "respectfully retire from the music scene". Although the act attempted a debut full length it was never published as the act broke up well before its completion.

Footnote: Not to be confused with the UK act of the same name.

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