Tribe-8 (1992-present): a Punk band from San Francisco, California, USA.


n the early 1990s punk was having a return of sorts and the ladies that would form Tribe-8 wanted their part of it. Breedlove (Real Name: Lynn Breedlove; vocals), Slade (Real Name: Slade Bellum; drums), Tantrum (Real Name: Lynn Payne; bass/vocals), Leslie (Real Name: Leslie Mah; guitar) and Flipper (Real Name: Lynn Flipper; guitar) opened up shop in 1992 with the release of There's A Dyke In The Pit EP, and engaged on tours. Their pro-female lesbian lifestyle (which they proudly flaunted) attracted a huge following with both straight and gay females across America. They became known for their catchy punk rock influenced tunes and stage antics, including costumes and even selecting males from the audience to participate in harmless but humiliating S&M rituals involving handcuffs, whips and collars, as well as sucking on a strap-on dildos. Their discography includes 1993's Bitches In Brew and Kill rock Stars, 1994's Outpunk Dance Party compilation, as well as the single Allen's Mom. Fist (1995), Roadkill Cafe single (1996) and their Jello Biafra's (ex-Dead Kennedys) label 'Alternative Tentacles' featured albums Snarkism and Role Models For Amerika (1996 & 1998 respectively) completed the list. Role Models For Amerika was probably their most known release. It gave them the most notoriety and recognition even if it was no less controversial than their past works. As a sick twist of fate they chose to go on tour with pop stars Spice Girls shortly after.

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Dashboard for Tribe-8

Nation USA
Location San Francisco, California
Genre Punk
Formations 1
Active Years 1992-
Last Modified 2023-10-29
Promotional Address PO BOX 419092 San
Francisco, CA. USA.
Web http://www.alternativeten
Diskery ID 8

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