Piledriver (1984-1989, 2004-present): a Thrash Metal band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


n 1984 a then unknown band called Piledriver burst onto the heavy metal scene, boasting an over-the-top image, even including silly album covers and titles like "Sex With Satan" and "Alien Rape". Nonetheless they featured a surprisingly well-executed power metal/thrash metal style.

Their debut, Metal Inquisition (1985), featuring Bud Slaker (guitar) and Pile Driver (Real Name: Gord Kirchin; vocals), proved to receive critical acclaim, in so far as the "fun factor" was concerned, but the follow-up Stay Ugly (1986) with Mike Paccione (bass), Robert Espizito (drums) and Edward Pursino (guitars) joining Piledriver (the band and the man) proved to be more of a disappointment with the songwriting and production below par. Soon after the band vanished. At least they did until 2004 when Piledriver (the man) assembled a new crew featuring himself on vocals, along side Mike Paccione (bass), Robert Espizito (drums), Edward Pursino (guitars) and Leslie Howe (guitars/bass/drum programming).

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In early 2006 they made an appearance at a small club in Toronto for the first meeting of the HMMAC (heavy metal Music Association of Canada).

A compilation album, Ugly Metal (2018), would follow.

Footnote: During the band's hiatus, in an interview Gord Kirchin announced that the band never really existed at all, but instead the idea came from a record executive who was essentially trying to make a quick buck. Kirchin was only hired to do vocals for two separate studio projects (an explanation as to why the two albums differed as much as they did). Even all the membership names were made up, as was virtually everything else about the band. Kirchin later formed a more honest band effort titled Dogs With Jobs, and sporadically worked on solo material.

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Dashboard for Piledriver

Nation Canada
City Toronto, Ontario
Genre Thrash Metal
Formations 2
Active Years 1984-1989, 2004-
Last Modified 2022-06-21
Diskery ID 798

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