Necrophagia (1983-1987, 1997-2018): a Death Metal band from Wellsville, Ohio, USA.


heir 1987 debut Season Of The Dead, featuring Killjoy (vocals), Larry Madison (guitar), Bill James (bass) and Joe Blazer (drums) is regarded as an important album in the world of early death metal, Necrophagia taking its influences from early Slayer and Possessed, but lacking the same speed and boasting more standard death metal vocals. Shortly after the release, however, vocalist Killjoy disbanded the group when the other members attempted a mutiny of sorts by demanding the group pursue a different direction. He would return on a solo album, and then in the late nineties start Necrophagia again, now including himself along withDustin Havnen (bass), Wayne Fabra (drums), and one Anton Crowley (Real Name: Phil Anselmo (of Pantera); guitar) to release Holocausto De La Morte(1998), Black Blood Vomitorium EP (1999), the "best of..." compilation Legacy Of Gore, Horror And Sickness (2000), and the demos compilation Death Is Fun (2000).

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On Cannibal Holocaust EP (2001) the line-up had changed again with Frediablo (guitar), Jared Faulk (bass) and Opal Enthroned (keyboards). The Divine Art Of Torture (2002) saw another change come in the form of Fug (guitar), Iscariah (ex-Immortal (Norway); bass), Mirai Kawashima (ex-Sigh; keyboards) and Titta Tani (drums). Killjoy, for his part, would continue with Necrophagia while also working with The Ravenous.

The Divine Art of Torture (2003), Harvest Ritual Volume I (2005), Deathtrip 69 (2011) and WhiteWorm Cathedral (2014) followed before the band split in 2018.

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Dashboard for Necrophagia

Nation USA
City Wellsville, Ohio
Genre Death Metal
Formations 2
Active Years 1983-1987, 1997-2018
Last Modified 2022-09-27
Diskery ID 778

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