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Seven (1998-present): a Heavy Metal band from Norrköping, Sweden.


n 1995, the band Warhammer produced an EP called Riders under the membership of Kardac (Real Name: Rikard Cidh; bass), Magnus Lindh (drums), Bo √...kesson (guitars (lead)), Gabriel √-sterlund (guitars (rhythm)) and Wiktor S√∂derstr√∂m (vocals). Only 500 were made, but one landed in the hands of 'Loud N' Proud Records' who liked it so much they offered the band a deal in 1998. By then the band had broke up, but three members did return to form Seven. Using Swedish folk music and classical heavy metal as the template, their debut Break The Chains, under the line-up of Gabriel √-sterlund (guitar), Kennet Jansson (bass), Wiktor S√∂derstr√∂m (vocals) and Magnus Lindh (drums) resulted in 1999. They have not recorded since.

Footnote: Do not confuse this band with the AOR act from England or the progressive metal band from the Czech Republic.

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