Tokyo Blade


Tokyo Blade (1983-1988, 1995-present): a NWOBHM band from Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK.


riginally forming in the style of NWOBHM under the leadership of Alan Marsh (vocals), Andy Boulton(guitar), John Wiggins (guitar), Andy Robbins (bass) and Steve Pierce (drums), mamy of whom came from the defunct Genghis Khan, Tokyo Blade's career would quickly become (to be blunt) a mess. It started early with their debut self-titled being released in 1983 with two separate versions featuring the same artwork but two different titles and two separate track lists. Midnight Rendezvous (1984), the next offering, went off without a hitch except a line-up change of the addition of Ray Dismore adding a third guitar. But confusion stepped in for their follow-up Night Of The Blade album that was originally recorded with Alan Marsh on vocals but due to label pressure to become more commercial (a mistake that would haunt them from now on) Vic Wright replaced him and they re-recorded the album. The version with Marsh would eventually be released as The Night Before in 1998. Just for the record: Andy Wrighton stepped in to take over bass on this album as well.

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Warriors Of The Rising Sun (1985) was a kind of "best of..." release compilation allowing them to take a breather until the release of Blackhearts And Jaded Spades later that same year with new member Nick Coler on bass.

Ain't Misbehavin' (1987) featuring an entirely new line-up of Peter Zito (vocals), the returning Andy Boulton, Chris Stover (bass) and Alex Lee (bass) came and went, but the follow-up No Remorse (1989), with the nine-up of Michael Pozz (vocals), Andy Boulton still the only original member, Martin Machwitz (keyboards) and Astor (drums) was also released with two sets of artwork, and under the name of Eye Of The Storm in some areas. It proved to be a less a Tokyo Blade album and more of an Andy Boulton solo album, like it's predecessor.

Burning Down Paradise (1995) was a comeback of sorts for the act with much of the classic membership returning including Alan Marsh, Andy Boulton, John Wiggins, Colin Riggs and new man Mark Angel on drums. But neither of the follow-ups Mr. Ice (1998) nor Pumphouse (1998) was intended to be Tokyo Blade releases. In both cases, they were separate bands featuring the respective membership of Alan Marsh, Andy Boulton, Colin Riggs, Ian "Atilla" Marshall (keyboards), Mark Angel and Alan Marsh, Jez Lee (guitar), Colin Riggs, Mark Angel, for which it was decided to release albums under the Tokyo Blade name later. They then decided to try to correct a past error before disbanding by releasing the aforementioned The Night Before (1998) with March on vocals, originally recorded way back when.

2008 saw the release of Eye of The Storm, which was actually a re-release of No Remorse) due to the band reformation as an Andy Boulton driven project under the line-up of Lorenzo Gonzalez (drums), Frank 'Sapardi' Kruckle (bass guitar), Chris Gillen (vocals), Bryan Holland (lead guitar) and Andy Boulton (lead guitar) before splitting again.

A full reformation would occur in 2010 with the line-up of Chris Gillen (vocals; would leave in 2016), John Wiggins (rhythm guitar), Andy Wrighton (bass guitar),Steve Pierce (drums) and Nicolaj Ruhnow (lead vocals; would be replaced by the returning Alan Marsh in 2016) to release Thousand Men Strong (2011), Unbroken (2018) and Dark Revolution (2020).

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Tokyo Blade
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Dashboard for Tokyo Blade

Nation UK
City Salisbury, Wiltshire
Formations 2
Active Years 1983-1988, 1995-
Last Modified 2022-11-25
Diskery ID 730

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Tokyo Blade


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