The Haunted


The Haunted (1996-present): a Thrash Metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden.


n 1996 The Haunted was formed when Adrian Erlandsson (drums), Anders Bjorler (guitar) and Jonas Bjorler (bass), three members of the Swedish death metal band At The Gates decided a change was necessary, prompting the folding of that band. Rather than sticking to death metal, The Haunted borrowed heavily from classic 1980s thrash metal, with a 1990s attitude and toured heavily with such black metal bands as Witchery to build a cross-genre market. Adding Peter Dolving (ex-Mary Beats Jane; vocals) and Patrik Jensen (ex-Witchery; guitar), their self-titled 1998 'Earache' debut was Heavy and vicious.

The follow-up 2000 album The Haunted Made Me Do It was no less of a show and featured Per Moller Jensen (ex-Invocator/ex-Konkhra/ex-Artillery) taking over the drum stool, while Mark Aro (ex-Face Down) took over on vocals. Live Rounds In Tokyo (2001) followed as their first live set, whileOne Kill Wonderwould follow in 2003, shortly later Peter Dolving rejoined the band when Marco Aro amicably left to pursue other interests.

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Dashboard for The Haunted

Nation Sweden
Location Gothenburg
Genre Thrash Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 1996-
Last Modified 2023-10-29
Diskery ID 722

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