Arcana (1993-present): a Gothic band from Eskilstuna, Sweden.


emaining a relative secret Arcana have floated around in the Goth/industrial metal and general ambient music circles since their first release Dark Age Of Reason, originally done in LP format in 1996. The project was largely the sole project of Peter Bjärgö (all instruments/vocals). A number of supporting musicians would come and go over the years, including:

Ida Bengtsson (vocals (?-2001, 2015-2016, 2015-2016))
Ann-Mari Thim (vocals (lead; 2001-2014))
Stefan Eriksson (keyboards (2001-?))
Cecilia Bjärgö (vocals (2003-2014))
Mattias Borgh (percussion (2006-2014))
Sergio Gamez Martinez (keyboards (2010-2014)) and
Lady Nott (violin (2010-2014)).

There were no style surprises with Arcana's music as it followed tried and true musical concepts and constructs as discovered over the past few centuries. Few centuries indeed, for their music mixed styles from many eras especially classical constructs.

Cantar de Procella (1997), Isabel EP (1999), ...the Last Embrace (2000), Inner Pale Sun (2002), The New Light (compilation; 2004), Le Serpent Rouge (2004), Raspail (2008), The First Era 1996-2002 (boxed set; 2010), Un passage silencieux EP (2011), As Bright as a Thousand Suns (2012), The Extra Songs of Arcana (compilation; 2014) and Petrichor (compilation; 2017) would follow.

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Dashboard for Arcana

Nation Sweden
Location Eskilstuna
Genre Gothic
Formations 1
Active Years 1993-
Last Modified 2023-02-20
Promotional Address Cold Meat Industry. Vila
Eko, 595 41 Mjolby.
Diskery ID 70

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