Sabbat (1984-present): a Death Metal band from Japan.


he cult Japanese death metal band Sabbat started in the early 1980s under the membership of Gezol (vocals/bass), Elizaveat (guitar), Ozny (guitar) and Valvin (drums). Sabbat (originally named Evil) would release a multitude of EPs and albums, mostly self-financed and almost all in very limited quantities. Their self-titled 7" and Born By Evil Blood were their first in 1987; another followed the EP the following year called Desecration under the membership of Gezol, Elizaveat and Samm (a.k.a.Gero; Gezol's brother)now on drums. The Devil´s Sperm Is Cold 7" (1989) on 'Evil Records', Sabbatical Demon (1990) and The Seven Deadly Sins (1990) would be their last EP for a while with them now choosing to publish albums instead. The line-up now changed again to feature Gezol (bass), Barraveat (guitar), Possessed Hammer (vocals), Zorugelion (drums). The final line-up change thus far occurs in 1991 with Temis Osmond replacing Elizaveat.

Publishing albums seemed to be a heavy hobby for them for they came fast and furious with Bloody Countess (1991), Envenom (1991), Envenom - Rough Mix (1991), Evoke (1992),with the follow-ups Disembody (1993)and Fetishism (1994) and Back Up Your Soul (1994).

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Sabbatical Devilucifer(1994) was their first EP in some time but the albums came fast and furious again with the live effortLive At Blokula(1995).Ozny returned for the ...For Satan And Sacrifice (1995) album, a platter displaying mid-paced death metal and mid-eighties pre-Death style Thrash with nods toward early Venom. This late in their career their music changed little and continued right along for Envenom (1995; re-releasae), Bloody Countess (1995; re-release) and The Dwelling (1996) "best of..." compilation and the live set Live 666 - Japanese Harmageddon (1996), East European Harmageddon (1997; Ltd. to 300 hand-numbered copies on white vinyl), European Harmageddon (1997), Scandinavian Harmageddon (1997), African Harmageddon (1998), Envenom (1999; picture disc LP re-release), Evoke (1999), Karisma (1999).

Most of their releases were nothing more than 7"'s but the "hits" kept on coming on joint ventures with record labels with Live Kindergarden (1999), Sabbatical Demonslaught 7" (1999), Sabbatical Rites (1999), South American Harmageddon 7" (1999), Charisma (2000), Live Devil (2000; live),  Live Panica (2000; live; Blue vinyl, Ltd. to 100 numbered copies. First 25 copies with full color cover and ticket replicas), Live Revenge (2000; live), Russian Harmageddon (2000), Sabbatical Magicrucifixion - Iberian Harmageddon (2000), Sabbatical Magicrypt - French Harmageddon 7" (2000), Sabbatical Magicurse - Baltic Harmageddon (2000), Satanasword (2000), Dietsland Harmageddon - Sabbatical Magicrest (2001), Disembody (2001; also as Pic LP. re-release 500 copies), Live Meltdown (2001; live), Live Nuts (2001; live), Minami-Kyushu Harmageddon - Sabbatical Magichaos 7" (2001), Satanasword (2001; re-release), Split w. Gorgon 7" (2001), Split w. Terror Squad 7" (2001), Split w. Unholy Grave 7" (2001), Brazilian Demonslaught 7" (2002), Live Batan (2002; live), Elizaveatonslaught 7" (2003), Gezonslaught 7" (2003), Karmagmassacre (2003; Iron Pegasus/R.I.P. Records),Live Izumoden - Temisosmonslaught 7" (2003; live), Naniwa Tepoddonslaught 7" (2003), Valvinonslaught 7" (2003), Zorugelionslaught 7" (2003) arriving (ed- Notes only on selected items but most 7" were of very limited quantity of between 80-300).

Footnote: No relation to the English band of the same name.

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Nation Japan
City Unknown
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Genre Death Metal
Reformations 1
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Active Years 1984-
E-Mail Unknown
Last Modified 2020-02-19
RRCA File Code UC000223
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