Robert Jackson


Robert Jackson (1995-present): a Musician from Rye, New York, USA.


uote: "I believe music has the power to enlighten, bring happiness, educate and communicate messages..."

Robert Jackson's message begins in the sleeve of his first recording, 1997's Survivor On The War On Rock. Robert, an ASCAP award winning singer/songwriter, opened his own record company, 'A.I.F.' (Anti-Industry Formula), and launched his brand of hard rock, rockabilly and country music styles mixed with socially relevant lyrics onto the world from his hometown of Rye, New York. Over time, history would feature him boasting professionally made recordings, a modern feel and quality musicianship. It was his first release which demonstrated his upbeat sound and gift for telling simple but musically savvy stories.

His second release, Personal Jesus (1999), would follow much on the same lines, and was released internationally. It was produced by two major label producers, and featured members of Suzanne Vega's band, as well as Grammy nominated producer Scott Mathews on selected tracks. Robert Jackson believed in doing this right and on a grand scale, and true to his word the music was real, solid and communicated a message, as well as being fun and all the other things he wanted. Both CDs charted on European top 50 radio, with and Personal Jesus also on US college radio. The video for the track Personal Jesus was syndicated nationally in the US and as well as being seen in Australia and Europe. Although excellent in quality and certainly radio savvy, he has yet to obtain large-scale market sales status. 'Emperor Multimedia's Diskery' system picked him up to capitalize on this. At the time of writing Robert is was planning a country album release, as well as completing an anthology set, Robert Jackson-8 1982-1998, an 8 CD set featuring his career.

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Robert Jackson

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Dashboard for Robert Jackson

Nation USA
City Rye, New York
Genre Musician
Formations 1
Active Years 1995-
Last Modified 2022-11-25
Promotional Address AIF Records P.O. Box 691
Mamaroneck, NY. USA.
Web http://www.robertjackson.
Diskery ID 67

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Robert Jackson

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