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Sabbat (1985-1991, 2006-2010): a Thrash Metal band from Nottingham, UK.


eaturing the original membership of Martin Walkyier (vocals), Andy Sneap (guitar), Frazer Craske (bass) and Simon Negus (drums), Sabbat initially received fame for their glossy spread in Kerrang! Magazine. The hype was proven, however, when their debut axe wielding thrash metal debut History of a Time to Come emerged in 1988. Their stage show was no less impressive making bold attempts at visualizing the intricate lyrics and medieval storylines on the album.

The follow-up Dreamweaver (1989) continued on the fantasy storylines by becoming a concept album of sorts based on the Brian Bates novel The Way Of Wyrd.  But just as the band were poised for "cultdom", internal squabbles due largely to Wlakyier's insistence on pagan lyrical themes, saw the departure of Walkyier (who left to form Skyclad) and the arrival of his replacement Ritchie Desmond. Part of the string section also took its departure soon after with Wayne Banks taking over bass from Craske and Neil Watson being added as a second guitarist to record Mourning Has Broken (1991), an album that failed to reflect the ambitious start that the original Sabbat had offered and amongst further internal conflict the act split during their UK tour soon after. Sneap went on to form Godsend (not the Norwegian act of the same name) then left that act to become a sought after record producer for the likes of Skinlab and Exodus.

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Walkyier's departure from Skyclad in 2001 paved the way for him to revive the band, calling his new project Return To The Sabbat. Featuring Walkyier, Frazer Craske and (initially) Simon Jones, the band played live sporadically over the following years but ultimately split in 2003 in favor of the re-forming Sabbat which, in turn, split again permanently in 2010.

Footnote: This act has no relation to the Japanese Death act of the same name.

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