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Oz (1977-1992): a Heavy Metal band from Nakkila, Finland.


hen vocalist The Oz (Real Name: Erro Hamalainen) recruited Kari Elo (guitar), Tauno Vajavaara (bass) and "Pekka" Mark Ruffneck (Real Name:Mark Ruffneck;drums) to form his own Oz band, the act was eventually transformed into a band of raw, crunching heavy metal with their debut Swedish only The Oz (1982). But Elo and Hamalainen found themselves being ousted from the act shortly after the album's release and replaced with Jay C. Blade (Real Name: Jukka Homi;bass), Speedy Foxx and Spooky Wolff (guitar).

The German only Fire in the Brain (1983) didn't fare any better leading to Ape De Martini(Real Name: Tapani Anselm) stepping in on permanent vocals duty replacing Vajavaara who had taken over vocals on the preceding album. Adopting a more commercial sound 'R.C.A.' picked them up to release Ill Warning (1984), Turn the Cross Upside Down EP (1985) and Decibel Storm (1986), but the new style did them little favors and so after one last line-up change resulting in Michael Lundholm (guitar), Fredrik Thornblom (bass), Jorgen Schelander (keyboards) with Martini and Ruffneck returning, they completed Roll the Dice (1992) on indie 'Black Mark'. The album fared no better than their past ones and they split there-after.

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