Ostrogoth (1980-1988, 2002, 2010- ): a Power Metal band from Gent, Belgium.


ounded in 1980 by Rudy Vercruysse (a.k.a. Sphynx; guitar) and Mario Pauwels (a.k.a. Grizzly; drums), Ostrogoth eventually expended to include Marc Debrauwer (a.k.a. Red Star; vocals), Hans Van De Kerckhove (a.k.a. White Shark; guitar) and Marnix Van De Kauter (a.k.a. Bronco; bass) to launch the act's debut on EP Full Moon's Eyes that summer on the 'Mausoleum' label featuring a standard hair whipping and head banging thrash/power metal sound. Their debut album, Ecstacy And Danger, followed two years later in much the same style and was quickly followed up with Too Hot shortly into the new year.

The line-up splintered soon after due to personality conflicts, however, with Vercruysse and Pauwels reforming the act by replacing the incumbents with Peter De Wint (vocals), Kris Taerwe (keyboards), Juno Martins (guitar) and Sylvain Cherotti (bass). The resulting 1987 album Feelings Of Fury failed to get them any widespread recognition and they split soon after.

A brief re-start occurred in 2002 featuring Mario Pauwels (drums), Marnix van de Kauter (bass), Rudy Vercruysse (guitars) and Marc "Red Star" de Brauwer (vocals) to release two compilations Ecstasy And Danger/Full Moon's Eyes (2002) and Feelings Of Fury/Too Hot (2002) before splitting again.

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In 2010, the 2002 line-up attempted another go until Josey Hindrix took over vocals in 2012 to release Last Tribe Standing EP (2015). At this point another major shake-up would happen when Rudy Vercruysse would die. The new line-up fluctuated until by 2018 it consisted of Gerry Krenryg (bass), Atticus Myst (guitars) and Fré Ost (guitars).

Footnote: The Ostrogoths (Latin: Ostrogothi or Austrogothi) were a branch of the later Goths (the other major branch being the Visigoths) - ancient tribes of Europe. The Ostrogoths, under Theodoric the Great (root name for the modern English names of Terry and Derek), established a kingdom in Italy in the late 5th and 6th centuries. The Ostrogoths traced their origins to the Greutungi and a semi-legendary kingdom north of the Black Sea in the 3rd and 4th centuries. Migrating southward from the Baltic Sea, the Ostrogoths, at the time known as the Greuthungi, built up a huge empire stretching from Black Sea to the Baltic shores. - Source: Wikipedia.

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Nation Belgium
City Gent
Promotional Address Unknown
Genre Power Metal
Reformations 3
Web Unknown
Active Years 1980-1988, 2002, 2010-
E-Mail Unknown
Last Modified 2020-04-05
RRCA File Code UC000189
Diskery ID 642

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