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Wolf (1995-present): a Power Metal band from Solna, Sweden.


t all started in 1995 when Niklas A. Olsson (vocals/lead guitar) and Mikael Goding (bass) met each other at a local bar in the Swedish town of ├-rebro, and begin to chat about heavy metal and their past mutual history of playing '70's and early '80's influenced styles of the genre in bands like Prowler and Tengil. After a few pints they decided to start a band. After several attempted demos, Daniel Bergkvist (drums) joined on in 1997. Daniel previously bashed drums in the death/boogie metal outfit Teeshirt and the punk/heavy metal operation The Killers. At the first rehearsal with Daniel, the group wrote In the Shadow of Steel; there was an instant bond forming between the threesome. By late 1997 Wolf was playing clubs in their homeland.

Wolf re-recorded their In the Shadow for a single release but the single never made it to sale, and instead found its way into the hands of 'No Fashion/House of Kicks' who promptly signed them to a record deal. In April of 2000, their debut self-titled album was released. Sounding much like the early NWOBHM movement, the album went over well with critics as well as in their homeland where they won "Debut of The Year" on the Swedish radio program, Gruvan. Unfortunately the original Hans Arnold cover art did not fare so well and was considered too grotesque, so it was replaced.

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Several regional tours would commence where thrasher Johan Bulow would join to take up the second guitar slot during the live work; it would eventually become a permanent position. In 2001 they received more local success with the launch of their first video for the track Moonlight, which aired on national television April 3rd entering at number 4. In June 2001 'No Fashion' released a 5 track EP Moonlight in an attempt to capitalize on the success of the video.

Peter T├Ągtgren would return to work on their second album. His workload had expanded to engineering and production (he was only engineering on the first). Their sophomore, Black Wings, would be released in January 2002 with artist Thomas Holm (of Mercyful Fate and King Diamond) completing the cover art, and Johannes Losb├Ąck (guitar/backing vocals).

After the release of Evil Star (2004) a membership change would occur with Tobias Kellgren taking drums in 2005 Anders G Modd (bass) and Richard A Holmgren (drums) in 2007 and 2008 respectively. This line-up would remain in place for Ravenous (2009), Legions of Bastards (2011), Devil Seed (2014), Feeding the Machine (2020) and Shadowland (2022).

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Wolf at Harley Rock Riders in India in 2012.
Photo by: Jim Ankan Deka
(CC BY-SA 3.0)

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