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Marduk (1990-present): a Black Metal band from Norrköping, Sweden.


t was the brainchild of guitarist Morgan Steinmeyer Håkansson, who summed up his line-up for Marduk with Andreas Axelsson (vocals), Joakim "Grave" Göthberg (drums) and Richard Kalm (bass), with the latter soon replaced by Bogge Svensson, and adding second guitarist Magnus Devo Andersson.

The act would soon become an important addition to the burgeoning black metal movement, their music firmly in the old school, blast-beat, keyboardless realm of it, with few if any nods to melody of subtlety. Their debut, Dark Endless (1992), came and went with limited release while Grave took over vocals. duties when Andrias left, likewise with B. War on bass for Bogge. Those of the Unlight also came and went in 1993 before Fredrik Andersson replaced Devo Andersson on drums.

Opus Nocturne (1994) saw Fredrik Andersson assume drums received better distribution with international release but to little notice. The band's acclaim came with the 7" Fuck Me Jesus based on their original demo material way back at the start under the same name. Legion (Real Name: Erik Hagstedt; ex-Opthalamia) took over on drums, replacing Grave for Heaven Shall Burn... When We Are Gathered (1996) and Glorification (1996).

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Their first live effort Live In Germania and Here's No Peace EP came in 1997 with Peter Tagtren (of Hypocrisy) added for a new guitar spot. Nightwing (1998), Panzer Division Marduk (1999), Obedience EP (2000), Infernal Eternal (2000; double CD), La Grande Danse Macabre (2001) and World Funeral (2003) would follow. World Funeral featuring the membership of Legion (Real Name: Erik Hagstedt; vocals), Morgan Steinmeyer Håkansson (Real Name: Patrik Niclas Morgan Håkansson; guitars), B. War (Real Name: Roger Svensson; bass) and Emil Rickard Dragutinovi? (drums).

Plague Angel (2004), Death March EP (2004) the limited edition live album Warschau (2005), Rom 5:12 (2007) featuring the line-up of Mortuus (Real Name: Daniel Hans Johan Rostén; vocals), Morgan Håkansson (guitars), Divo (Real Name: Dan Everth Magnus Andersson; bass) and Lars Broddesson (drums). The band also tours Australia for the first time.

At the beginning of March, 2008, Marduk participated at Europe's biggest indoor metal festival, the Metal Mania in Katowice, Poland. During the same month the band once again return to the shores of South America for shows in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela. But at the end of April, albums Live In Germania, Nightwing and Panzer Division Marduk (1999) were being reissued with bonus material and improved graphics. Three albums that for a long time were not distributed widely around the world.

Wormwood, their 11th studio album, would arrive in 2009 followed by a European and North American tour. The European version, titled Funeral Nation, consisted of 30 shows from the end of September until the end of October covering the Western and the Southern parts of Europe. During November and December Marduk returned to the shores of North America for a tour entitled US Plague 2009 featuring 26 shows covering most of the USA, as well as the first dates in Canada.

The Funeral Nation Tour Part 2 began right soon into 2010 covering the Balkans, and South America. May of that year would see the band teaming up with Deicide and Vader to do a shorter tour under the moniker Unholy Titans. The package appeared at the Metalfest Open Air Festivals in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Hungary and Czech Republic, along side club shows in France, Italy, Slovenia and Poland.

The 3 track Iron Dawn EP followed in 2011 accompanied by the 7 Bowls Of Wrath tour that saw the band in North America, specifically Canada once again, performing with Toronto band Panzefaust, as well as HOD, Black Anvil and Aura Noir. The albums Serpent Sermon (2012), Frontschwein (2015) and Viktoria (2018) would follow. Viktoria would feature F. Widigs on drums.

Panzer Division Live EP (2018) would feature B. War (Real Name: Roger Svensson; bass), Fredrik Andersson (drums) and Legion (Real Name: Erik Hagstedt; vocals), but for Winged Death 1993 EP (2019) would list Joakim Af Gravf on vocals. Two live albums followed in 2020 & 2021 respectively before the release of Memento Mori in 2023.

Footnote: What is Marduk? Marduk is in Mesopotamian religion, the chief god of the city of Babylon and the national god of Babylonia; as such, he was eventually called simply Bel, or Lord. Originally, he seems to have been a god of thunderstorms..

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Marduk during Metalmania 2008 festival.
Photo by: Lilly M
(CC BY 3.0)

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