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Jaguar (1979-1985, 1999-present): a NWOBHM band from Bristol, UK.


ounded by Rob Reiss (vocals; who answered an ad for vocalist to join the band in 1980), Garry Pepperd (guitar), Jeff Cox (bass) and Chris Lovell (drums) they initially gained momentum via the NWOBHM movement and attracted the attention of 'heavy metal Records' who issued a one-off single in late 1981 titled Back Street Women, along with including the act on their compilation, Heavy Metal Heroes for the track Stormchild. The act's initial 6 track demo, recorded less than a year earlier, by This Time had sold more than 500 units, with this single selling out more than 4,000!

Paul Merrell (ex-Stormtrooper) replaced Reiss shortly later to see a deal inked with 'Neat' in time to demonstrate their rapid-fire guitar attack style on their debut album Powergames (1983). Through widespread touring in Europe they gained enough momentum to record This Time (1984) with 'Roadrunner'. This outing, a more AOR style recording, proved to be an unwelcome event by the fans that gave it the cold shoulder, as did the critics, and the band folded shortly after.

Shortly after their debut was re-issued in 1999 the band reformed under with the modified line-up of Pepperd and Jeff Cox, with Nathan Cox on drums and the new vocalist Jamie Manton on drums to release the pop/heavy metal album A Vision under the name Carson but then reverted back to Jaguar to release Wake Me (2000).

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Jeff Cox then left the band to concentrate on solo material and family life. He was replaced by Darren Furze for Run Ragged (2003).

In 2007, the band released two live albums. The first was with them at a show in the Netherlands in 1982; itn was a limited release. The second, Archive Alive Vol.1 was the first of three planned releases covering early, unreleased recordings. It covered the band's successful early period.

Metal X arrived in 2014.

In September 2014, the band parted company with vocalist Jamie Manton following their appearance at Sweden rock Festival. Soon later, in 2015 they would pick up Lars G. Persson (ex Swedish heavy metal/power metal band The Storyteller and Steel Attack), but this would not last and he was gone by November.

A special edition Metal X in the form of a limited edition vinyl was released in 2015.

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