Genitorturers (1986-present): a Industrial Metal band from Orlando, Florida, USA.


t was no surprise during the 1990s that a band would come to rise specifically catering to the S&M sexual fetish scene that had become chic over the turn of the century. Indeed rubber, leather, body piercing, collars, chains and other such garb became an important part of the Genitorturers act.

'IRS Records', while looking for acts, discovered them for a film they wanted to produce featuring rock acts with bizarre stage shows. The movie was cancelled but not before the band had managed to eek a name for themselves. Shortly later the band released their seedy debut 120 Days Of Genitorture (1993). Vocalssssist Gen, the star of the show, was a professional body piercer and statuesque dominatrix whose day job was an organ reclamation technician at a local hospital with the belief in the new piercing ethos that saw sadomasochism as not only a sexual practice but also as a spiritual and tribal following as well. Reminiscent of the styles of Wendy O'Williams, Gen's voice was gruff and the accompanying music, a cross between Marilyn Manson and Rammstein, mixed beat oriented thrash/power metal with hardcore punk rock played to a backdrop of sampled dialog and sound effects under the control of fellow members Jerry (guitar), Sean (bass) and A. Wolfgang R. (drums). Live, the act is even more memorable featuring live piercing and genital torture (hence the act's name) along with an ample supply of whips, chains and other S&M tools of the trade.

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The dungeon was silent for several years while the act toured and changed membership to Gen plus Chuck "Chains" Lenihan (guitar), David Vincent (ex-Morbid Angel/ex-Terrorizer; bass; and now Gen's husband) and Racci Shay (drums) to release Sin City (1998) and a remix album Machine Love (2000), most specifically including covers of David Ogilvy and Scott Humfrey & KMFDM.

Shay was replaced by Angel for Flesh Is The Law EP (2002) but by this time their S&M ways had been toned down, at least on stage, and their sound was progressively more punk rock and psychedellic.

By the release of Blackheart Revolution (2009), the membership had shifted to Gen plus Eric Griffin (guitars/backing vocals) and Ryan Seelbach (bass); Kriz D.K. would assume the drums in 2011.

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Dashboard for Genitorturers

Nation USA
City Orlando, Florida
Genre Industrial Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 1986-
Last Modified 2022-09-25
Diskery ID 569

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