The Gathering


The Gathering (1989-2014, 2018-present): a Gothic Metal band from Oss, Netherlands.


his act starting in 1989 under the line-up of Bart Smits (vocals), Frank Boeijen (keyboards), Jelmer Wiersma (guitar), Hugo Prinsen Geerligs (bass), and brothers Rene Rutten (guitar) and Hans Rutten (drums). Their earlier releases were categorized as atmospheric doom metal with influences from death metal acts like Celtic Frost and Hellhammer. They launched their debut Always in 1992 as death metal, but before long The Gathering began experimenting with atmospherics in the same way as Tiamat did.

The act would then add a different vocalist for their sophomore effort, Almost A Dance (1994). Niels Duffhues replaced Smits on that album, but even more interesting to their long term prospects was the added vocal presence of Martine Van Loon.

After seeing Anneke Van Giersbergen perform at a gig in their hometown of Oss they pursued to include her female vocal talents to replace Van Loon for the Mandylion (1995) and Nighttime Birds (1997) albums. Nighttime Birds would also see the departure of Wiersma; the band reduced its number accordingly.

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Their death metal roots now long gone, The Gathering pursued progressive metal endeavors with vocal acrobatics on albums like How To Measure A Planet (1999), Superheat (2000; a live effort), If... Then... Else (2000), the Black Light District EP (2002), Souvenirs (2003) and the semi-acoustic Sleepy Buildings - A Semi Acoustic Evening (2004).

Previously, in 2001, The Gathering released their album of original demo tracks titled Downfall - The Early Years featuring a very early original guitar player Jelmer Wiersma and singer Bart Smits. Likewise, their 1998 release of a double-album How to Measure a Planet? produced by Attie Bauw, proved to be a radical departure from the group's established sound in more of an experimental alternative rock style.

In 2002 the band members took a break to tend to their private lives. During this period, they ended their contract with 'Century Media' in favor of their own label, 'Psychonaut Records'.

Geerligs would leave in 2014, with Marjolein Koojiman replacing him. Home (2006), The West Pole (2009), Disclosure (2012) and Afterwords (2013) followed, before Geerligs returned in 2018.

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Budapest concert, 31 January 2010.
Photo by: Ramirez HUN
(CC BY-SA 4.0)

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Nation Netherlands
City Oss
Genre Gothic Metal
Formations 2
Active Years 1989-2014, 2018-
Last Modified 2022-11-25
Diskery ID 559

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Budapest concert, 31 January 2010.
Photo by: Ramirez HUN
(CC BY-SA 4.0)

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