Danzig (1987-present): a Doom Metal band from Lodi, New Jersey, USA.


ormed out of the remains of Samhain (USA), Danzig was the idea of ex-Misfits hardcore metal/punk rock act front-man vocalist Glenn Danzig (Real Name: Glenn Allen Anzalone) who went solo in 1987 with his own debut 45 Who Killed Marilyn while still performing his duties in The Misfits. Holding onto bassist Eerie Von (Real Name: Eric Stellmann; ex-Misfits; bass), he would recruit John Christ (Real Name: John Wolfgang Knoll; guitar) and Chuck Biscuits (Real Name: Charles Montgomery; ex-Black Flag/ex-D.O.A./ex-Circle Jerks; drums), both seasoned campaigners of the US hardcore scene.

Signed in 1988 to Rick Rubin's newly formed 'Def Jam' label, Danzig (as a group) would release their debut eponymous album later that same year with guest James Hetfield (of Metallica) on vocals. The album summed up all they were about by featuring a blend of dark melody, blues and gothic metal they came across as a satanic version of Elvis Presley (Danzig himself did cover a version of Elvis' Trouble), his muscle-bound body and demonic growl/howl acting as a sinister presence over the track and the act's total career. Back to the debut album, however, it featured several important tracks including Twist Of Cain, She Rides, and the dark raging of Mother, a hit on both sides of the 'pond" 5 year's later on MTV (when they got around to discovering it years after the rest of us). The album proved to be their most successful (so far) by slowly selling enough to receive Gold status then, years later, Platinum.

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Danzig II - Lucifuge (1990) got Danzig a 75 US and garnered sufficient critical acclaim, but it was the third set Danzig III - How The Gods Kill (1992) that was their first real charting success; a success that was long overdue at a US 24. With Danzig IV, however, they were accused of selling out to their hardcore fans because if its more approachable sound.

Now loosing Biscuits and Eerie Von for Joey Costello and Josh Lazie respectively, Danzig would launch Danzig 5: Blackacidevil (1996), an album that saw them loose both critical and commercial ground. Among other things, the album featured a cover of Black Sabbath's Hand Of Doom. But Danzig wasn't gone for long and returned with Tommy Victor (ex-Prong) taking over guitar for the subsequent tour, with Danzig 6:66 Satan's Child emerging in 1999 in much the same style as it's predecessor with critical commentary and charting to match. Jeff Chambers would not be on the guitar slot, replacing Victor, who in turn would be replaced by Todd Youth after the release. Danzig 777: I Luciferi (2002) would follow with another in the works at time of writing with, apparently, a revised line-up of Glenn Danzig (vocals/keyboards), Tommy Victor (guitar; ex-Prong), Jerry Montano (bass) and Bevan Davies (drums) for Circle of Snakes (2004). Later that year, Danzig would acquire Johnny Kelly (ex-Type O Negative) on drums for the Blackest of the Black tour across the USA.

Throughout 2006, Glenn Danzig stated in several interviews that he had grown tired of the touring cycle, and did not expect to partake in any more large scale tours, preferring instead, small, localized tours. One such tour saw Kenny Hickey (of Type O Negative) as the band's new guitarist, while later, former Samhain (USA) member, Steve Zing joined on bass.

In October 2006, Glenn Danzig released Black Aria II, the follow-up to his solo classical album, Black Aria that was re-released by 'Evilive' in May 2007. He spent the rest of the year completing the production and packaging of The Lost Tracks of Danzig, a double CD containing twenty-six unreleased songs that span the entire Danzig catalog.

In August 2008, Glenn Danzig announced that Danzig (the band) would do a 20th anniversary tour, celebrating the release of their self-titled debut album.

Deth Red Sabaoth would arrive on June 22, 2010.

On September 4, 2015, Danzig released a 7" vinyl single, limited to 500 copies, of Devil's Angels to promote the upcoming covers album, Skeletons (2015).

On October 7, 2015, Danzig appeared on Sirius XM to debut his cover of "Always on My Mind" from the tentatively titled Danzig Sings Elvis album.

Black Laden Crown would arrive on 'Nuclear Blast & AFM Records' in 2017 featuring only Glenn Danzig (vocals/piano/bass/guitars/drums), Tommy Victor (guitars (lead)/bass) and Johnny Kelly (drums (tracks 1, 5)).

Footnote: For the record: Danzig's previous tenure with Samhain (USA) was an influential one for that band got acclaim in underground metal circles featuring him on vocals with Eerie Von and Pete "Damien" Marshall (guitar) with a whole slew of drummers including Steve Zing, Lyle Preslar and London May to release the Initium (1984), November-Coming-Fire (1986) albums, with Final Descent (1990) "best of..." compilation being released posthumously. Shortly after John Christ replaced Marshall, the act disintegrated with the bulk of the membership joining his above-mentioned Danzig act.

Joseph Bishara (ex-Prong; keyboard/programming) has also been a member of Danzig in the past.

Glenn Danzig has also written songs for other musicians, most notably Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison.

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Dashboard for Danzig

Nation USA
City Lodi, New Jersey
Genre Doom Metal
Formations 1
Active Years 1987-
Last Modified 2022-10-02
Diskery ID 518

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