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Agent Steel


Agent Steel (1984-1988, 1998-2011, 2018-present): a Speed Metal band from Los Angeles, California, USA.


ormer Abattoir (USA) henchman John Cyriis, the self-proclaimed Steven Spielberg of heavy metal, formed Agent Steel in 1984. Signing to US indie 'Combat', their debut album Operation Redeye emerged in 1985 with the membership of John Cyriis (ex-Abattoir; vocals), Mark Marshall (guitar), Bill Simmons (guitar), George Robb (bass) and Chuck Profus (drums). Very quickly after, a second album emerged, titled Skeptics Apocalypse (1985) and their first international release, before a line-up change ensued with Cyriis and Profus recruiting Juan Garcia (guitar), Bernie Versailles (guitar) and Michael Zaputil (bass). Label problems were now the order of the day forcing 'Roadrunner' off their international licensing, with 'Combat' hiring 'Music For Nations' for the release of the Mad Locust Rising (1986) EP with the acclaimed Unstoppable Force (1987) following up the rear.

'Capitol Records' signed them in late 1987 despite the demands from the band management wanting more money. The request was granted on the condition that the album's recording and release would be delayed to the next year for budget reasons. It would have been a good deal except, less than a year later, 'Capitol Records' withdrew from the offer when they became fed up with the band's line-up strife and changes. Not only was the album in progress scrapped but Agent Steel proved ultimately unstable and split in 1989. During those 1987 sessions and tours, almost every position had been replaced: Silvio Golfetti (guitar), Brian East (bass), Richard Bateman (R.I.P. 2018; bass), James Murphy (guitar) and Jay Weslord (guitar) all entering and exiting the band.

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Cyriis relocated to Florida with Profus to form Pontius Prophet in 1988, with guitarist Michael Hill and bassist David McCoy to release a single demo, Rites of Hatred before busting up with Cyriis announcing his retirement from the business.

In 1998, Juan Garcia (guitar) and Bernie Versailles reformed Agent Steel without Cyriis or his consent. They were accompanied by returning members Chuck Profus, Michael Zaputil, and vocalist Bruce Hall to release Omega Conspiracy (1999) on the 'Metal Blade' label. Zaputil left the band shortly after the formation and before the recording, with new bassist Karlos Medina replacing him. Naturally a dispute arose over the Agent Steel name with Cyriis claiming it for himself, forcing this new line-up to rename themselves Order of the Illuminati by 2001. This name change would last only until 2003 with the release of Order of the Illuminati (2003) now back under their old Agent Steel banner.

Profus left the band in 2002 to be replaced with new drummer Rigo Amezcua. By the time Alienenigma (2007) arrived John Cyriis had returned on vocals with Robert Cardenas (bass).

April 24, 2010 would see the departure of Hall. Cyriis, however, would not perform at the 70000 Tons of Metal cruise due to "unfortunate events"; Helstar vocalist James Rivera and Steel Prophet vocalist Rick Mythiasin would fill in. After a short time a brouhaha ensued that saw Cyriis out and in the band again; during his brief departure, Rick Mythiasin temporarily took his place.

The matter, whatever it was, was not resolved by the time the band played at the Sweden rock Festival in 2011 because soon later, the remaining members of Agent Steel left Cyriis to his band S.E.T.I. at the Headbangers Open Air festival to continue without him under the name Masters of Metal there-after, ultimately releasing their debut album From Worlds Beyond (2015).

Agent Steel was effectively gone until 2019 when Cyriis returned to using the name but a whole new line-up to release No Other Godz Before Me (2021).

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Agent Steel
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