707 (1977-1983, 2000-present): a Hard Rock band from Livonia, Michigan, USA.


etting a domestic deal with 'Casablanca', 707 would release melodic hard rock under the initial direction of Keven Russel (vocals/guitar), Phil Bryant (bass/vocals) and Jim McClarty (drums) and quickly after adding Duke McFadden (keyboards/guitar/vocals), 707 would release their eponymous debut in 1980. By this time, however, the band's membership was always in a state of flux with members like Tod Hayworth and Felix Robinson (ex-Angel; bass) coming and going also.

Their sophomore effort The Second Album (1981) was a more harder edged approach and hit the US top 200, even spawning a 52 US charter hit with I Could Be Good For You when spun off as a single later in the previous year. The band would continue on without McFaddeen but add Kevin Chalfont (vocals) and Tod Howarth (keyboards/guitar/vocals) for Mega Force (1982) on the 'Boardwalk' label, an album whose title track became the theme for a movie by the same title and subsequently giving them a minor chart success at 62 US It proved to be the last stand for the act, however, for internal squabbling broke them apart with Holwarth joining Frehley's Comet and Chalfont backing Kim Carnes.

McFadden died on April 5, 2005, from heart complications.

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In 2000, 707 regrouped under the membership of Denny Carmassi (drums), Don bassey (bass) and Kevin Russell (guitar/vocals/piano) for mostly re-issues and compilations on independent labels.

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Nation USA
City Livonia, Michigan
Promotional Address Unknown
Genre Hard Rock
Formations 2
Web Unknown
Active Years 1977-1983, 2000-
E-Mail Unknown
Last Modified 2021-09-13
Diskery ID 455

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