Tygers of Pan Tang


Tygers of Pan Tang (1978-1987, 2001-present): a NWOBHM band from Whitley Bay, UK.


ess Cox (vocals), Robb Weir (guitar/vocals), Rocky Laws (bass/vocals) and Brian Dick (drums/percussion) were the founding members of Tygers of Pan Tang in 1978. Born right at the beginnings of the NWOBHM movement, their debut single Don't Touch Me There (1980) was one of the first releases on the new 'Neat' record label, a label that became known as one of the style's homes. The single's success got the attention of 'M.C.A.' to release their 18 UK charting debut album, Wild Cat, later that same year with Laws replaced by "Rocky". Ex-Persian Risk vocalist Jon Deverill would replace the departing Coxin time for the release of Spellbound (1981), a release that got them a 33 UK charting and saw the debut of John Sykes adding another guitar to their mix. Crazy Nights (1981), however, was met with muted response and got only a 51 on the UK charts. The band was thrown another blow with Sykes leaving to join Thin Lizzy; his replacement was ex-Penetration guitarist Fred Purser. This latest membership change caused a bit of a fuss but regardless the act trudged on with The Cage (1982) getting a more respectable 13 UK, an album featuring an excellent rendition of 60's hit Love Potion No. 9.

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At this point the band got into a protracted legal dispute with the record company. After the dust had settled only Dickand Deverill remained to clean up the mess. Their next task was to restart the act now on 'Music For Nations', but unfortunately they were not to be issued in the US ever again. Their re-start was with Steve Lamb (guitar), David Donaldson (bass) and Neil Shepherd (guitar) for The Wreck-age (1985). The album was met with only a luke-warm response for it was now clear that the NWOBHM movement was moving on and Thrash was fast becoming the new creature at the top of the food chain, so they closed up shop by publishing their remaining material on Burning in the Shade (1987)featuring just Jon Deverill, Steve Lamb, Brian Dick and Steve Thompson on keyboards for selected tracks.

In 2001 the Tygers would return with a busy schedule under the membership of Jon Deverill, Robb Weir, John Sykes, "Rocky" and Brian Dick for the live effort Live At Nottingham Rock (2001), followed closely behind by their performance at 1999's Wacken festival Live at Wacken '99 (2001). Under the membership of Tony Liddell (vocals), the returning Robb Weir, Deano Robertson, Brian West and Craig Ellis (drums), they would once again re-enter the studio after so many years to try again with the relatively unnoticed Mystical (2001), demos compilation Cybernation "The Demos" (2002) featuring Richie Wicks on vocals, another live effort Live in the Roar (2003), and Noises from the Cathouse (2003).

In January 2013, guitarist Dean Robertson left Michael "Micky" Crystal would replace him.

In 2015, Jess Cox formed Jess Cox's Tygers of Pan Tang and made festival appearances across Europe, as well as a tour of South America. 2016 saw the band release the self-titled album Tygers of Pan Tang which featured the track Only The Brave. This was followed up with Ritual (2019).

In 2020, Micky Crystal left the band. Crystal stated in an interview that he had left due to poor management also claiming Robb Weir had little, to no involvement, in the band's 2019 album. It was noted that John Sykes had expressed similar feelings in a Kerrang interview from 1984. On May 28th 2021 the band released the compilation Majors & Minors. In 2021 bassist Gav Gray left the band and was replaced by Huw Holding. The EP A New Heartbeat arrived in 2022.

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Tygers of Pan Tang
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