Keel (1984-1989, 1998, 2008-present): a Heavy Metal band from Los Angeles, California, USA.


teeler only released a single eponymous album on Mike Varney's 'Shrapnel' label before relocating to L.A. featuring Ron Keel (vocals/guitar) who completed the band's line-up with Swedish guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen, along with Rik Fox (bass/vocals) and Mike Edwards (drums) to complete one self-titled album in 1983. But just as the debut was being completed, Malmsteen left to join Alcatrazz and later to form his Rising Force project, while Fox left to form Sin. The remaining members soon after also went on to their own things.

Keel (the man) was then forced to reset his entire line-up. He closed the former operation and moved onto his next project, the self-titled Keel, featuring Marc Ferrari (guitar/vocals), Brian Jay (guitar/vocals), Kenny Chaisson (bass/vocals) and Bobby Marks (drums). Sticking along with Varney they then released a new debut in 1984 titled Lay Down The Law before catching the attention of one Gene Simmons (of Kiss) who provided production services on their Aerosmith influenced follow-up, The Right To Rock (1985). The album saw the debut of Stephen Riley replacing Marks. The platter also managed to squeeze into the US top 100 (at 99) on the strength of its now famous title track. The album also featured a mediocre cover of the Rolling Stone's Let's Spend The Night Together.

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After Dwain Miller replaced Riley, Simmons stuck around to produce their third set, The Final Frontier (1986). The third album proved to be their best ever by managing 53 in the US (83 UK) and featured a cover of Patti Smith's Because The Night.

The self-titled Keel (1987), their first for major label 'M.C.A.' was next and topped out at 79 in the US before Tony Palmucci replaced Ferrari. It wasn't enough for 'M.C.A.' for the follow-up live album Larger Than Live (1989) was on indie 'Gold Castle'. The band subsequently split.

In 1998 Keel would see a brief reformation and the release of an album featuring both new material and past outtakes called Keel VI: Back In Action (1998) on the 'Derock' label. The current status is unknown but Keel is assumed gone again with Keel (the man) himself going on to mostly session work.

Under the membership of Ron Keel (lead vocals/guitars/keyboards/keytar), Marc Ferrari (guitar/backing vocals), Bryan Jay (guitar/backing vocals), Dwain Miller (drums/backing vocals) and Geno Arce (bass/backing vocals), Keel would reform in 2008 to release Streets of Rock & Roll (2010).

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Dashboard for Keel

Nation USA
City Los Angeles, California
Genre Heavy Metal
Formations 3
Active Years 1984-1989, 1998, 2008-
Last Modified 2022-09-27
Diskery ID 448

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